DGF2099 Productions-Introduction to Sports Memorabilia-Tom Johansen Firesuit

Pit crew member Tom Johansen was involved with this prototype suit from 2006.


The Driver Suit Blog-Two For One! Steve Lorenzen and Miss Winston

winston - CopyBy David G. Firestone

Gonna do a two for one this week. Two suits this week, in a good mood, gonna spread the love. Our first week is my first Stand 21 suit, a 2000-2001 Toyota Atlantic series suit worn by Steve Lorenzen. The Toyota Atlantic Championship was a racing series in Champ Car that ran from 1977 to 1988 as the Formula Atlantic Championship. It then became part of Champ Car from 1989 to 2005, then it became Champ Car Atlantic from 2006-2007. After than from 2008-2009 it was unaffiliated with any major racing series, and is currently on hiatus.lorenzen

This particular suit was worn by driver Steve Lorenzen. Lorenzen raced in the Toyota Atlantic Championship from 2000-2001 for 6 races in total. He did not have any success, and left the series after 2001.lorenzen lorenzenbThe suit shows light use, having been raced for only 6 races, and is FIA certified. The collar has a Stand 21 logo on either side.lorenzen-collar A warranty label is present on the inside of the collar in French and English. lorenzen-tagThe front of the suit has a YOKOHAMA and MCI WORLD COM logo on the right side,lorenzen-rchest and on the left is a TOYOTA ATLANTIC CHAMPIONSHIP logo,lorenzen-lchest and nothing except stripes on the torso.lorenzen-flogo lorenzen-blogo The shoulders have no epaulets,lorenzen-rshoulder lorenzen-lshoulder no logos on the top of the sleeves lorenzen-rsleeve1 lorenzen-lsleeve1and STAND 21 logos on the ends, just below an arm restraint on each sleeve.lorenzen-rsleeve2 lorenzen-lsleeve2

The second item is a jump suit worn by Miss Winston in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s.winston Miss Winston was an idea thought up in the 1970’s. The idea was to have a beauty queen with the drivers in Victory Lane after races. The idea died after the Winston Cup turned to the Nextel Cup, but when Sprint took over in 2009, the idea was revived. It is a simple red polyester jumpsuit winston-collarwinston winstonbwith a Winston logo on the chest,winston-logo a white belt, winston-beltstraps on the legs, winston-legsand short short sleeves. winston-lshoulder winston-rshoulderMiss Winston was an idea thought up in the 1970’s. The idea was to have a beauty queen with the drivers in Victory Lane after races. The idea died after the Winston Cup turned to the Nextel Cup, but when Sprint took over in 2009, the idea was revived.

Now we move on to…


Kasey Kahne #5 Design the 5 Chevy SS This is an awful scheme, even by Kasey Kahne standards. I can’t say anything good about it, so I will just give it an F

Greg Biffle #16 3M/W.B. Mason Ford Fusion Another terrible Greg Biffle scheme, another D grade.

Ryan Newman #31 Quicken Loans Fan Designed Chevy SS Great scheme, I like the black and gray effect, and the color scheme is good, A+

David Ragan #34 Wendell Scott Tribute Ford Fusion There is nothing wrong with this paint scheme. Color and design are perfect and it earns an A+

David Ragan #34 Plimpton Hills Ford Fusion See above, and you know it’s fall when pumpkin chucking ads start popping up. A+

Kurt Busch #41 Haas CNC 500th Start Chevy SS Kurt is starting his 500th race this week at Dover, and to celebrate, he is running a special paint scheme. The color scheme is decent, it has a gray scale look, but it is somewhat overdesigned. I wish Kurt would have a scheme for his 500th start that is better than a C, but that is how the cookie crumbles.

The Driver Suit Blog-I Love The Tide Ride!

32-hamilton-blogo-copyBy David G. Firestone

When I did The Paint Schemies last year, I also did a Top 10 list of Sponsors I Miss In NASCAR. Number 7 was Tide detergent. Tide was a major sponsor of NASCAR from the 1980’s to the mid 2000’s. That orange, yellow, white and blue car was distinctive without going too far. The scheme never evolved because it didn’t have to. It was one of the best schemes ever.

Like The Family Channel and Kodiak, I sometimes buy racing stuff because it is from the Tide Ride. Started in 1987, the “Tide Ride” was a staple in the Sprint Cup Series, and was used heavily until 2006, when the sponsorship left PPI Racing, and wasn’t seen in NASCAR since. Some of the most memorable Tide Ride moments were the 1989 Daytona 500 where Darrell Waltrip did the Icky Shuffle in victory lane, the 1997 Brickyard 400 won by Ricky Rudd, and the 2003 Carolina Dodge Dealers 400 which is tied as the closest race in NASCAR history, won by Ricky Craven over Kurt Busch.

One of my favorite items is a Bobby Hamilton driver suit circa 2004-2005. 32-hamilton 32-hamiltonbThis design can be seen in photos from 2004 and 2005, so I’m not exactly sure when it was used. Unlike most suits I have seen, it has the car number on the collar.32-hamilton-collar It has a white top, 32-hamilton-rchest 32-hamilton-lchestand on the torso logo, there is a yellow and blue stripe in a diagonal arrangement. 32-hamilton-flogoOn the back of the suit, the Tide logo is on the same place in the front, with the same stripe pattern as the front. 32-hamilton-blogoThe belt has Bobby Hamilton Jr. on the front 32-hamilton-beltand http://www.ppi-racing.com on the back.32-hamilton-rbelt  The suit has no TV logos on the sleeves or legs.32-hamilton-rshoulder 32-hamilton-rsleeve1 32-hamilton-rsleeve2 32-hamilton-lshoulder 32-hamilton-lsleeve1 32-hamilton-lsleeve2 32-hamilton-legs

Ricky Rudd was Tide’s driver in the 1990’s, and there is a lot of Rudd merchandise. For example, this Simpson mini helmet from the late 1990’s. It is a perfect replica of his late 1990’s helmet, but in a 1/4 scale. 10-rudd1 10-rudd2 10-rudd3 10-rudd4 10-rudd5 10-rudd6This Ricky Rudd 1/24 scale die-cast from 1998 goes with it…10-rudd1 10-rudd2 10-rudd3

The last Tide Ride item I have is this 1:87 replica hauler. This was a perfect replica of what Ricky used during his time with Hendrick and was sponsored by Tide.rudd1 rudd3 rudd2

Now we move on to…


Before we start, I have something I need to address, earlier this week, I discussed why I did not like the new paint scheme elements for the Chase drivers. I thought a long time about how I would approach this in the paint scheme grades, and decided that since the drivers were forced into this situation, that I would not hold it against them in the grading rules. So the Chase schemes, unless they are new schemes will not be affected since this was not of their choosing.

We have a couple of 2015 schemes, courtesy of Joe Gibbs Racing

Carl Edwards #19 Stanley/DeWalt Toyota Camry The color scheme is good, the side design could be a little more toned down, and again, I’m taking this with a grain of salt, since there can be design changes before the season starts, but this is a solid B+ design.

Matt Keseth #20 DeWalt/Stanley Toyota Camry…The Killer Bees have returned! Good solid design with a great color scheme earns an A+, and like Carl Edwards above, I’m taking it with a grain of salt.

Now on to the 2014 Schemes…

Jamie McMurray #1 Belkin/WEMO Chevy SS Lime green does not work on a race car. It has a good design scheme but the color scheme is awful! I can’t help but give it a D-

Kevin Harvick #4 Budweiser Designate a Driver Chevy SS Good color scheme, decent design scheme, A

Michael Annett #7 Cypress HQ Chevy SS No. Redeeming. Design. Elements. Whatsoever. F.

Michael Annett #7 Golden Coral/Feed the Children Chevy SS See Above. F.

David Ragan #34 Clean Harbors Ford Fusion Same scheme as The Pete Store, same A+ Grade

David Gilliland #38 Love’s Truck Stops Ford Fusion The only bad thing I can say about this scheme is I don’t like the back bumper design. Other than that, great color scheme and reasonably simple design. Final Grade: B+

David Gilliland #38 Love’s Truck Stops/Jack Czapla Ford Fusion See Above

Justin Allgaier #51 Plan B Sales Chevy SS See Michael Annett above. F

DSCN1117Home  Beer Brew Project:Final Update

After two weeks of brewing, and two weeks of carbonation, I finally got to enjoy the fruits of my labor.  After work last night, I cracked one of these babies open, and I have to say that it was really good!  I will definitive do this again!

The Driver Suit Blog-What Happened at the Carolina Nationals Yesterday?

By David G. Firestone

Yesterday, I called out NASCAR, today, I’m calling out the NHRA. I’m demanding an explanation for what happened during the Carolina Nationals on Sunday! Here is how I watch racing, I’ll watch a live telecast whenever possible, but I’ll watch the NHRA whenever it’s on ESPN or ESPN2 since I don’t get ESPN3. So after watching NASCAR on Sunday, I sat down to watch the Carolina Nationals Final Eliminations. The first round of top fuel and funny car went well, at least from my perspective. Then, pro stock started their first round, and the Allen Johnson/V Gaines race started, and I’ll let the video speak for itself.

The 67 year old Vieri Gaines was unhurt, but what happened next stunned me. What followed was an hour of discussion between the crews and the NHRA officials concerning track conditions. The wreck itself did damage to the track, but there were problems leading up to that race. The track had been dealing with concrete issues on the racing surface. Allen Johnson was interviewed while the wreck was being cleaned up, and he slammed the NHRA for letting the cars race on the surface. John Force was very upset, and Tony Schumacher called the racing surface “un-race-able.” Obviously the NHRA officials were aware of the fears of the drivers and of the conditions of the track. There were attempts made to solve the issues, but rain and a bad surface caused the cancellation.

I want an explanation, from Z-Max Dragway, the NHRA or someone involved as to how a racing surface can get that bad. Obviously there was a failure somewhere, and something like that happened. How could the NHRA and Z-Max Dragway allow the competitors to race on a surface that was obviously not capable of holding races safely! I normally wait until Saturday to post new blogs, but this needs to be discussed right now!

I’m demanding an explanation, and the NHRA and Z-Max Dragway owe not just me, but all of their drivers, crew members, sponsors and fans an explanation. Many fans left disappointed, fans watching from home were too, and there was no reason for this. Why wasn’t the racing surface safe? Why was concrete lifting off the track? Why in the world was the track sub par? What makes it even worse is that someone high up on the NHRA chain of command made a decision to allow the race to go ahead despite an unsafe racing surface, and I want to know why they would risk driver safety in that respect!

Both groups have a duty to ensure the safety of the competitors and fans, both groups failed horribly in that respect. V Gaines got lucky, and wasn’t seriously hurt, but that could have been a lot different. How could something like this take place in this day in age? Tom Compton, Dallas Gardner, Bruton Smith, you owe everyone involved, drivers, crew members, sponsors and fans an explanation for yesterday’s debacle. What happened was unacceptable, and someone needs to stand up and explain what decisions were made prior to the event, what the officials knew, and why the decisions were made the way they were.

The Chase Design Elemets…Too Much of a Good Thing!

By David G. Firestone

Well the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup has begun. What that means for the 16 drivers in the Chase is special paint scheme rules. Specifically, all Chase drivers will have yellow numbers on the roof, a yellow windshield banner, a yellow front splitter, and special decals. I waited on discussing this issue because I wanted to see how the cars looked on track. While some cars looked good, with the yellow elements working well, other cars looked awful, with the yellow clashing with the current design scheme. No car suffered as much as Brad Keselowski and the Miller Lite Ford. I can live with the yellow roof numbers, it has been done before, the and I can live with the windshield banners and decals, I’ll comment on that later, the splitter design is pointless and it makes the car look ugly. Why in the world did NASCAR make the splitter yellow? It serves no purpose, and clashes with the rest of the paint scheme.

Now I wanted to comment on something I noticed that NASCAR is doing. I was worried about this and these fears are now coming true. When the windshield banner was introduced with the Gen 6 cars in 2013, I did not like it. I thought it was pointless, and it didn’t add to the car at all. What I was worried about, but I didn’t discuss it was what else NASCAR had planned for the banner. Well we found out this year. In addition to the plain black, there have been green designs for environmental awareness, patriotic designs for memorial day and the 4th of July, and of course the yellow Chase designs. NASCAR is using this as their vehicle for promoting causes. Like pink bats on Mother’s Day, or patriotic jerseys for Memorial Day in baseball. October is around the corner, and the Pink-washing will begin in earnest, and I’ll be shocked if there aren’t pink banners on the windshields.

I noticed something else when it comes to banners. There are two decals that cars carry, one is the Sprint Cup Series decal, and above that is a NASCAR Race Car decal. When the windshield banner is a special design, the NASCAR decal is a matching design. Let’s look at that Brad Keselowski Memorial Day scheme again. Notice the decal just above the Sprint Cup Series decal? It is a star with NASCAR written on it. Now let’s look at Brad’s car from the Brickyard 400. The NASCAR decal is a simpler, more plain design. This is Kevin Harvick’s car with the green banner. Notice the NASCAR decal…it matches the banner. Why is this important for the Chase schemes? Well because whoever came up with this idea felt the need to give the Chase drivers special NASCAR decals. 16 drivers get yellow decals, the rest get silver. I’m reminded of the Star-bellied Sneetches in this situation…the second time that reference has been made in regard to sports uniforms this year.

I’m really wondering how much more NASCAR can over-complicate this, I really am. Why not add yellow wheels and yellow spoilers? I’m amazed that NASCAR could mess this up they way they did. Get rid of the yellow spoilers and NASCAR decals, and I wouldn’t have a problem with it, but too much salt spoils the soup…every time.