The Driver Suit Blog-Throwback Thursday-1957 #20 Aston Martin DBR1

Tony Brooks and Noël Cunningham-Reid 1957 #20 Aston Martin DBR1

Aston Martin has made some amazing looking cars, and this emerald green DBR1 is no exception. This might be my favorite shade of green I have ever seen on a race car. Add in an RAF logo for Noël Cunningham-Reid’s Father, and a large white circle with large numbers, and you have a great looking car that is worth an A.


The Driver Suit Blog-Throwback Thursday-1957 #27 Ferrari 500 TRC

Fernand Tavano and Jacques Péron 1957 #27 Ferrari 500 TRC-The Ferarri 500 is a beautiful automobile regardless of color schemes. The dark blue and bold red scheme works well, and the small amount of white on the stripes looks good too. I also like the number design on the white circle. To say that this is anything less than beautiful and worth an A is unfair!

The Driver Suit Blog-Throwback Thursday-Kenny Bernstein-1986

Kenny Bernstein in his 1986 Batmobile Budweiser Buick

Our final Funny Car of 2017 is also one of the most important body designs, the Batmobile! Designed and first raced in 1986, the new body design was much more streamlined, and aerodynamic than any other funny car body that had been seen. Unlike the top fuel streamline designs, this one didn’t go away, and in fact, set a new precedent for funny car body design. The scheme it ran…not as good on the side of a funny car than it was on a dragster. Too many needless designs with a great color scheme. All in all, it earns a C-

The Driver Suit Blog-Throwback Thursday-Mark Oswald-1985

Mark Oswald gets a good jump off the line in his 1985 Candies and Hughes funny car

Old Milwaukee has an amazing shade of red, and the single white stripe and lack of extra stripes or designs works very well. The gold CANDIES AND HUGHES logo works very well here. The vintage Old Milwaukee logo on the front of the car works very well too. All in all, it’s a solid A scheme.

The Driver Suit Blog-Throwback Thursday-Ed McCulloch-1984

Ed “The Ace” McCulloch smokes his 1985 Miller American Oldsmobile

Miller has a great shade of red, and it’s on display here. I also like the metallic gold stripes, and the diagonally aligned Miller logo. The star pattern on the back of the car isn’t the best, but it does look good. I don’t like the white stripe across the bottom. I’m going to give this scheme a C+ for the total package of the scheme.

The Driver Suit Blog-Throwback Thursday-Paul Smith-1984

Paul Smith burns out his Custom Body Enterprises funny car in 1984

I LOVE a good fade, and this isn’t a good fade…it’s a GREAT fade! The yellow-to-orange-to-red fade across the car is an amazing look. Sadly, rather than just fade to black, there has to be red, white, and blue stripes, and then black. It derails what could have been the greatest fade ever, and takes it down quite a few notches. The silver lettering works with the fade, and all things considered, I give it an A-

The Driver Suit Blog-Throwback Thursday-Al Sergrini-1983

Al Segrini stands his wheels in his 1983 Super Brut funny car

Another example of a great shade of green paired with black. The silver and black scheme between the green and the black works well. I also like the fact that the logos are painted so that they look straight when the car does a wheel stand. The SUPER BRUT logo works very well here. I give it an A.