The Driver Suit Blog-Throwback Thursday-1980 #22 Toj SM01

Michel Pignard,Mario Ketterer, and Hubert Striebig 1980 #22 Toj SM01

The Toj SM01 is a rounded, streamlined car, but it has a great look. This paint scheme however is a total disaster. The paint scheme can best be described as looking like it’s sewn together, with green, red, and yellow patches all over the car. It’s an over designed mess of a paint scheme. It takes a decent car down to a D- grade.


The Driver Suit Blog-Throwback Thursday-1980 #17 Rondeau M379

Gordon Spice,Philippe Martin,and Jean-Michel Martin 1980 #17 Rondeau M379

The Rondeau M379 is another instance of a car with too tall of a driver compartment, and as a result, it looks cartoonish. The paint scheme is kind of odd. The red is a really good shade of red. The white could be brighter. The design is a bit over done, the thin red stripes are visually distracting, and serve no purpose, other than looking odd. It’s a look that’s worth a C.

The Driver Suit Blog-Throwback Thursday-1980 #5 WM P79/80

Guy Fréquelin and Roger Dorchy 1980 #5 WM P79/80

The WM P79/80 is a bubble topped car that isn’t too tall, and has good dimensions. The red, white and blue Esso scheme is much more over done than it has to be. The blue driver area, the white stripes, and the red sides all need to be toned down. It does work decently with the design of the car, and I do like the tiger near the tail. All things considered, the car has a B- look.

The Driver Suit Blog-Throwback Thursday-1979 #15 De Cadenet-Lola T380

Martin Raymond,Simon Phillips, and Ray Mallock 1979 #15 De Cadenet-Lola T380

The De Cadenet-Lola T380 looks a little similar to a Dodge Viper in the front, and has a boxy side and rear. Orange and blue can be very iffy as a color scheme, but these shades of both orange and blue work very well, and work well with each other. The design scheme works well too. The car as a whole earns an A.

The Driver Suit Blog-Throwback Thursday-1979 #7 Dome Zero RL

Bob Evans and Tony Trimmer 1979 #7 Dome Zero RL

Ironically, the Dome Zero RL is a very boxy car. It does have a great look though, with a level design. White, red, and black normally works well as a color scheme, but the shade of red just doesn’t work. The stripes are a bit overdone. The stripes on the sides work well, but the stripes on the top just don’t work. The car as a whole is decent looking, but it could be better, so I’ll give it a B.

The Driver Suit Blog-Throwback Thursday-1978 #32 Lola T294

Ian Harrower,Tony Birchenhough,Miss Juliette Slaughter,Brian Joscelyn 1978 #32 Lola T294

The Lola T294 is somewhat boxy, though it has rounded edges, and it also has a small tail. This particular T294 has a black and green paint scheme. The shade of green works well, and works with the black. The design, the green half-oval on the front works well, and the car as a whole looks great. It gets an A.