The Driver Suit Blog-Throwback Thursday-1975 #11 Mirage GR8

Derek Bell and Jacky Ickx 1975 #11 Mirage GR8

Gulf Oil makes a return on this list again, this time on a 1975 Mirage GR8. The Gulf Oil paint scheme is a great look, nothing surprising about that. With the smooth look and streamlined shape of the Mirage GR8, the Gulf Oil scheme shines again. This is a great look all around, and earns an A.


The Driver Suit Blog-Throwback Thursday-1974 #25 Sigma MC74

Yasuhiro Okamoto, Harukuni Takahashi, and Yojiro Terada 1974 #25 Sigma MC74

The Sigma MC74 is a smooth looking car. I do like the fins, and the lack of a tail works here. The shade of red is good, and the white works well with the red. I do think the design scheme is just a bit over done. I think there are too many white stripes. If the white on the bottom were changed to red, I would give it an A. This car as it is is worth a B+.

The Driver Suit Blog-Throwback Thursday-1974 #18 Ferrari 308 GT4

Jean-Louis Lafosse and Giancarlo Gagliardi 1974 #18 Ferrari 308 GT4

The Ferrari 308 GT4 is normally a great looking car. Add in the front and rear spoilers, and the car takes on the appearance of being modified by amateurs. The paint scheme is decent, the red works, the white roof and tail doesn’t. I do like the stripe across the whole car. I give this car a C.

The Driver Suit Blog-Throwback Thursday-1974 #1 Ferrari 312P

Teodoro Zeccoli and Jean-Claude Andruet 1974 #1 Ferrari 312P

The Ferrari 312P is a really boxy car. The shade of red works very well. The blue and white stripe across the whole car works very well too. The car looks very good across the board, both in design and look, and it earns an A.

The Driver Suit Blog-Throwback Thursday-1973 #22 Porsche 910

Raymond Touroul and Jean-Pierre Rouget 1973 #22 Porsche 910

The Porsche 910 is a very streamlined car with a very good look. The car not having a tail does look odd. The color scheme is decent, but the yellow could be much darker, which would work well with the black stripe across the bottom. It’s a decent look, but it could be better, so I’ll give it a C+

The Driver Suit Blog-Throwback Thursday-1973 #14 Matra-Simca MS670B

Patrick Depailler and Bob Wollek 1973 #14 Matra-Simca MS670B

The Simca MS670B is a very nice looking car, though I don’t like the way the tail is setup, as opposed to the MS670. This car has a nice shade of blue across the whole car. There is also a dull yellow stripe that extends from the front to the brake duct. There is also a white stripe across the whole car. The dull yellow is also on the rear fins. The paint scheme works very well. The car design does distract from a nice paint scheme, and the car as a whole is worth an A-

The Driver Suit Blog-Throwback Thursday-1973 #15 Ferrari 312PB

Jacky Ickx and Brian Redman 1973 #15 Ferrari 312PB

The Ferrari 312PB is a really small and really boxy car. While Ferarri has a great color scheme, the pointless gray takes away from the red and yellow. The odd yellow stripes on the side, as well as the yellow front take away from this look further. The tail does work here. All in all, this is a forgettable look, and it’s worth a C.