Vintage Item Spotlight-Trophy Roundup

trophiesBy David G. Firestone

I’m going to do things a little bit differently this week. This week’s article will be done in conjunction with another article I am writing for The Driver Suit Blog both are about the same subject, trophies, but this article will be on trophies, whereas the other article will be on other racing trophies. Let’s get started.

Anyone who plays sports, or competes in competitions does so with one goal in mind…winning. They will say they do it because it is fun, or for the love of the game, but they really just want to win. To the victor go the spoils, and the spoils include pride, bragging rights, and the trophies.

Trophies can come in many shapes and sizes. Many older trophies combine form and function, in that they serve every day functions, such as this tea service from 1911. It consists of a tea pot1914-tea-service-2, creamer1914-tea-service-11, and sugar bowl. 1914-tea-service-18It was won by a wrestler for a first place win at an event, and the pot has “1P, alle 83 kg, 1914-tea-service-41914-tea-service-3Hans Van Paini Kilp, V&Us Jyry 1911, 14,15” engraved into it. Kans Val Paini Kilp means Kansainvälinen Paini Kilpailu or international wrestling competition.  The handle of the pot has become detached at the bottom, and evidence of repair work is evident1914-tea-service-6 1914-tea-service-5. The pot also shows signs of age, with numerous scratches, scuffs, and chips.1914-tea-service-7 1914-tea-service-8 1914-tea-service-6 1914-tea-service-10 1914-tea-service-9 The matching sugar bowl is in much the same state, but overall is in good condition.1914-tea-service-16 1914-tea-service-17 1914-tea-service-18 1914-tea-service-19 1914-tea-service-20  The creamer has a dent in it, just under the spout, and shows the same age wear that the tea pot and sugar bowl show.1914-tea-service-11 1914-tea-service-12 1914-tea-service-13 1914-tea-service-14 1914-tea-service-15 The really interesting thing is that I have an original cabinet photo, taken in Helsinki Finland where Hans can be seen with this very tea service.1914-tea-service-21 1914-tea-service-22

This vintage tray from 1915 has a very similar inscription as the tea service, and while I believe that they were won by the same person, I have no proof of this.1915-tray1 1915-tray2 1915-tray3 1915-tray4 1915-tray5 1915-tray6 1915-tray7 1915-tray8 1915-tray9 1915-tray10 1915-tray11 1915-tray12 1915-tray13 1915-tray14 1915-tray15Form and function combine again in this coffee pot awarded to Chicago Cubs star Don Kessinger for appearing in the 1968 MLB All-Star Game.kessenger-trophy-1 It was his first of six appearances. It is made by the F. B. Rogers Silver Co. and is engraved with ALL STAR GAME 1968 DON KESSENGER on the front.kessenger-trophy-3 Time has not been as kind to this pot as it was to the tea service, the handle on the tap is missing, part of the leg is broken off, and the silver is heavily tarnished. It is still sturdy after all these years.kessenger-trophy-2 kessenger-trophy-4 kessenger-trophy-5 kessenger-trophy-6 kessenger-trophy-8 kessenger-trophy-7

While Don Kessenger was having a great 1968 season, Jose Pagan was having a great couple of seasons, and won this Rawlings trophy for making the Sporting News Puerto Rican Baseball Professional League All-Star Team. pagan-1The trophy is 18 inches tall, has a batter on a baseball figural which has become detached,pagan-2 pagan-3 two gold eagles sitting on baseballs, pagan-4 pagan-5and two engraving plates, a large trapezoid which reads “Jose Pagan, Third Base, 1967-68 All-Star” pagan-7and the second is a smaller rectangle that reads “Presented by the Rawlings Sporting Goods Company for his as a selection as a member of the Sporting News Puerto Rican Baseball Professional League All-Star Team.” pagan-6The plates show signs of age, and the back has a chip in it, but otherwise it is in good condition.pagan-9 pagan-10 pagan-11

Albert Elko was the mayor of McKeesport Pennsylvania from 1966-1970, serving only one term. He was not very well liked, having been somewhat corrupt. During his tenure, he gave out these keys to the city.mckeesportkey-1 The key is a large heavy brass key, about 4 inches long, and has two black circles, one on each side. One circle has the city seal, mckeesportkey-3the other has a logo with “Greetings Mayor A Elko” etched into it.mckeesportkey-4 A key to the city is a unique item to have in any form.mckeesportkey-2

Sometimes a trophy can take an unusual form. Such is the case with this treasure chest from the PYC Regatta in 1973, won by Cotton Blossom II.regatta-chest1 Measuring 10 inches long by 7 inches wide, by 6 ½ tall, and made out of wood, this black treasure chest has been painted black, had some decorative elements added to them, and has a plaque stating “Davy Jones Locker Regatta Winner Overall PYC 1973.” regatta-chest5 regatta-chest6The inside has been lined with red felt. regatta-chest7There is a small chip on the back of the lid.regatta-chest3 It is a very appropriate design for a sailing trophy.regatta-chest2 regatta-chest3 regatta-chest4Form and function combine again to create this wine cooler.kyletrophy1 It is a trophy for the Volney H. Kyle award from the Southeastern Gas Association. Made by Wallace Silversmiths, it was awarded to James J. Chaisson on September 19, 1975. kyletrophy2It features an internal bucket to store the wine while cooling,kyletrophy8 kyletrophy6 kyletrophy7 and is a Baroque by Wallace Silverplate model. It is in near perfect condition, still as shiny as the day it was made.kyletrophy3 kyletrophy4 kyletrophy5

Held annually in Stuttgart, Germany, The Porsche Tennis Grand Prix is the oldest women’s indoor tournament in Europe. The winners of the tournament win money, trophies, and a Porsche 911. This trophy is from the 1982 singles final, which saw Martina Navratilova defeat Tracy Austin. This is the trophy that Austin received from that event. porsche1It shows some signs of age, with scratches, and the nameplate, and one of the Porsche logos are missing as well. The Porsche Tennis Grand Prix 82 logo is engraved into the cup, with “Endrunde Zunch Senioren Einzel 2 Platz” engraved below it. porsche2That translates to “final round zunch seniors single 2 place.” It has a classic design, and a classic look.porsche3 porsche4 porsche5After a long and successful golf career, Arnold Palmer now works with a number of golf courses, owning Bay Hill, and designing others. His group took the Kings Bay Country Club, which has been founded in 1949, and in 1990 redesigned it to form the Deering Bay Country Club. This crystal trophy was awarded to a “Member-Guest” winner in 2001.deering-bay-1 deering-bay-3 It is 18 inches tall, is in perfect condition, and is very heavy. The lid can be removed, and is in perfect condition.deering-bay-2 deering-bay-4 deering-bay-5 deering-bay-6

Panoptic Studios was an Illinois based multimedia studio that was shut down after the owner, Paul Joseph Cirigliano was found guilty of running a Ponzi scheme. Panoptic had won a number of awards before Cirigliano was arrested, and they were subsequently sold off after he was sentenced to 9 years in jail. In 2008, they won an Ava Platinum Award for a “Motion Graphics Presentation, which was shared with another company known as Proforma. ava1This Ava Platnum award features a woman wearing a dress holding a movie reel, and shows some tarnish on the silver. The engraved plate is still present on the trophy. ava5The trophy as a whole is in great condition.ava2 - Copy ava3 ava4

The next year, Panoptic won a Bronze Telly Award for the “Florida Highway Patrol Safe and Sober PSA” telly1Telly Awards come in two groups Bronze and Silver, silver being the highest award. The trophy itself is a bronze winged human, with no visible features, and a bronze plate stating “2009 Telly Award, Panoptic Studios, Florida Highway Patrol, Safe and Sober PSA.” telly2Like the Ava award, the Telly shows some tarnish on the metal, but is otherwise in great condition.telly3 telly4 telly5

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