Vintage Item Spotlight-Mish Mosh Edition

maineBy David G. Firestone

My love of vintage sports uniforms doesn’t just extend to the professional and collegiate levels. I find all vintage sports uniforms interesting on some level, and some of the stuff that I own doesn’t really have a traditional category, so I will cover a number of items in this week’s edition of Vintage Item Spotlight.

The first item is this University of Maine track and field jersey. Made of a heavy cotton material with a chenille TMT logo, it dates to about 1929. It is still in good condition, and comes with a track and field program of similar vintage.maine-tf1 maine-tf2 maine-tf3 maine-tf5 maine-tf6 maine-tf7 maine-tf8

This is a vintage baseball jersey for Bolton High School, though I can’t tell were it came from. It is an older Wilson jersey, it feels like a flannel jersey that has been treated with a chemical treatment. It is in great condition.47-bolton 47-bolton-logo 47-bolton-hem1 47-boltonb 47-bolton-47Here is an example of a pull-over jersey. These were popular from the mid 1970’s to the 1990’s. These were designed to be tight as possible. This particualr example is similar to a Cubs or Expos jersey from those eras.cubs cubs-tag cubsb

This unique football jersey is a durene treated jersey. Durene is a heavy polyester that has been treated. It was used for many years in the NFL and NCAA. This is an example of the material, and has a #7 on the front and #31 on the back.7-31-1 7-31-tag 7-31-7 7-31-2 7-31-31The last jersey is what is known as a “tear away jersey.” It was used for a number of years in the NFL as a lightweight alternate to durene. It was too flimsy, and would often tear apart under the stress of play. This example shows the heavy use expected from one of these jerseys. I do not know who wore this, or who they played for.19 19-19b 19b 19-hem - Copy 19-hem 19-lshoulder-1 19-lshoulder-2 19-rshoulder-2


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