Vintage Item Spotlight-Animation Cels

superbubbleBy David G. Firestone

Going to take a break from sports stuff on Vintage Item Spotlight for a while, the Senators numbers took a lot out of me. We all watched cartoons growing up. That goes without saying. What many people don’t realize is that animation cels from your favorite childhood programs are becoming collector items. They even have their own section on eBay. I’ve got a few, and today we will examine them this week.

One thing that I do is get a item that I use to familiarize myself with some of the aspects of other items to come. This example is a cel from a Super Bubble commercial from the 1970s. Each cel is 1/30th of a second, and the motion comes from minute changes in the drawings. The shot is framed, and the clear acetate sheet is put under the camera and is held in place by the little holes in the bottom.superbubbleThis cel comes to us from Cap’n O. G. Readmore in 1985. This was from the first episode of his short-lived show where he told the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. This is the giant that Jack meets. The shot is set up so that he is high up in the left corner. It comes with a matching production drawing.giant-1 pd=211Now we all get into collecting for something specific, and for me, that was to get cels from my all-time favorite show, Beavis and Butt-Head. The first one I got was from the episode Canoe and features the duo in their underwear. The shot in question takes place just after their teacher, Mr. Van Driessen gets mauled by a

The second cel that I got was from It’s a Miserable Life, which was a parody of It’s a Wonderful Life. Butt-head was never born and Beavis is spending Christmas working in a soup kitchen with Stewart. This cel is from that

The other Christmas episode was called “Huh Huh Humbug” and was an obvious parody of A Christmas Carol. This scene features principal McVicker sneaking a value meal home from Burger World for his kids. This cel is from that

This scene from the “Madame Blavatsky” episode features the two walking down the street, after Beavis is convinced he is a psychic. It is set up to look like it was filmed from a distance away. There is an official MTV logo on the

While at Stewart’s house, the duo watch the Olympics and decide to use a 17th century antique plate as a discuss. This is a cel of the Olympic event they watched in Plate

One of their more intelligent ideas was to make some extra money selling sperm in Sperm Bank. During the episode Stewart’s dad visits the clinic and has a chat with this nice doctor:bb-spermbank1 bb-spermbank2

One of the my favorite episodes is Closing Time. Throughout the course of the series, the duo work at Burger World, an obvious parody of McDonald’s. They get the owner in trouble and get the restaurant shut down numerous times. Despite that, they keep their jobs. This episode features the duo discovering how much fun it is to throw food into a ceiling fan. After they make a complete mess of the restaurant, health inspector Harry Butasker(who was featured in a later episode as “Sam Gluckman”) closes the restaurant. This cel is from when he first walks

This last cel is one of my personal favorites. Incognito is a banned episode that was pulled from MTV after numerous complaints that it featured a student bran dashing and firing a gun while in school. Beavis and Butt-Head changed their names to “Crevasse and Bum-Head” and this cel is from a scene when they are trying to disguise their

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