An Open Letter To Steven Patrick Morrissey

An Open Letter To Steven Patrick Morrissey

For many years, I have enjoyed your music, and I always got excited when I learned you were touring. Alas, those days are over as I have seen the light. Over the last 12 years, you have canceled 96 concerts in total. You have shown a clear contempt for your fans, and a clear contempt for the venues that have agreed to host your concerts. No other performer I have encountered over that same time period has canceled as many concerts and tours as you have.

I now see your contempt for your fans and I now see the light. I have deleted all of your music from my personal collection, thrown your CDs, t-shirts, and an autographed photo into the garbage, and will never spend a single penny of my money, or moment of my time on your music. I will never consider myself a fan of yours and are deeply sorry I ever did. I wish you were a 10th as dedicated to your fans as they are to you! If you were, I would not have to write this letter, and throw your stuff into the trash.

To your fans I say this: You buy his music, buy his concert tickets, then he cancels his shows, and you forgive him. YOU ARE JUST AS BIG OF A PROBLEM AS HE IS! The fact that you forgive him just gives his ego a boost, and he thinks that he can keep doing it over and over again. Simply put, you care about him, he does not care about you. Unless you change and hold him responsible for these repeated and needless cancellations, THEY WILL NEVER STOP! Wake up! He is not going to change unless you change!

It is sad that I had to do this, but not surprising. The utter contempt and complete lack of respect you have shown your fans over the years ins obvious. You claim in these press releases that you are sorry, but you never seem to change. I will never give you another chance, and I hope many other fans follow my example!


A Pissed Off Ex-Fan!


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