The Driver Suit Blog-My Thoughts on the Racing Weekend-October 27, 2014

By David G. Firestone

I’m currently recovering from a fun filled weekend, where I spent a lot of it enjoying Halloween(more on that later), and watching racing. We had two races at Martinsville, a Truck Series race and a Sprint Cup race. As with all races at Martinsville, fenders got beaten, sheet metal got banged, and tempers flared. There was also a scary “big one” at Martinsville, but no one was seriously hurt. Dale Jr. finally won a grandfather clock, Darrell Wallace Jr won his third race, this one in a special scheme to honor Wendell Scott.

For reasons I can’t understand there is no Nationwide Series between October 10th and November 1st. This makes no sense to me because this is the point in the year when fans need it most.

With the Nationwide Series Championship on the line at this point in the season, it makes no sense for the series to stop for one week, let alone two. If this break were spread out, say one race in the spring, and one race in the summer, you could make the battle for the championship better, and at the same time

I’ve said before I think the IndyCar season ends much too early. I didn’t mind the back to back races when it was tried the first time, but now there are 3 back to back races, run on a Saturday and Sunday in the same weekend. This compresses the schedule, and is both physically and mentally draining to the drivers. While I understand that these three races are on street courses, it still makes little sense to hold two physically demanding races back to back. What I would like to see would be Toronto getting the back to back race, and races moved to two other road courses, I’d suggest Road America and Circuit of the Americas, and extend the season for 3 weeks. GIVE THE FANS MORE RACING!

For racing fans, this is a depressing part of the year, because we know the racing seasons are ending, NASCAR has 3 more races, F1 has 3 more races, and the NHRA has 2 more races left in the season. By November 24, all the major racing seasons will be over. November24-January 24 will be the longest 61 days in the year for me because that marks the time where there is no national racing, other than occasional winter testing. I’m gonna enjoy the racing while it lasts, but I will miss it once it is done for the season.

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