The Driver Suit Blog-Replica Helmets and Why We Need Them In Racing Part Quatre

hight4By David G. Firestone

Just a quick post this week, as I have to finish work on the Paint Schemies and the Paint Scheme Leaderboard. I’m gonna discuss replica helmets again, I promise it will be the last time for a while. But we have some ground to cover when it comes to the NHRA. John Force and his racing team use Simpson for their driver suits and helmets. As such, there are a number of replica helmets made by Simpson featuring John Force and his crew

This first helmet is a 1/4 scale John Force helmet from 1995-1996. It is very plain, with only Castrol GTX and Mac Tools logos on it. It also has John Force and No Fear logos as well.force2 force3 force1 force4 force5 force6

Don ‘The Snake’ Prudhomme on the other hand, wore a much more brilliantly designed helmet for his time driving The Skoal Bandit. I love the vintage Skoal Bandit logo on the very front.prudhomme1 prudhomme2 prudhomme3 prudhomme4 prudhomme5 prudhomme6

Pro Stock Motorcycle legend Dave Schultz is represented by this helmet, designed similar to an IndyCar helmet. Schultz was the first NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle champion in 1987, and went on to win 6 championships, 1987, 1988, 1991, 1993, 1994, and 1996.schultz3 schultz2 schultz1 schultz4 schultz5 schultz6

Moving on to full-sized helmets, this example is a Robert Hight helmet from 2010, after he won the NHRA Full Throtle Drag Racing Series Championship, it is full-sized and is very nicely detailed. The design reminds me of something I would see on an F1 helmet. One thing I love is the championship ring on the back of the helmet.hight4 hight2 hight3 hight1 hight5 hight6 hight7

This last helmet is a full-sized, incredibly detailed John Force helmet based on the design he wore in 2011. I’m just going to let the helmet speak for itself.force-1 force-2 force-3 force-4 force-5 force-6 force-7

That’s it for this week, but next week, the Paint Schemies make their triumphant return for 2014!

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