The Driver Suit Blog-Paint Scheme Leaderboard, Week 3-Toyota


By David G. Firestone

The Paint Scheme Ranking Executive Committee met this week to rank Toyota. I worked while Alejandro amused himself with a bottle cap. Now here are the rankings, and you already know what NR stands for, so I don’t have to explain it.

1-Michael Waltrip Racing #55 Rank Last Year: 1st of 14-The color schemes are good, and the design schemes work very well.

2-Joe Gibbs Racing #18 Rank Last Year: 2nd of 14-The zebra stripe Interstate Battery scheme wrecks a perfect score for Kyle this year.

3-BK Racing #23 Rank Last Year:NR-The Dip Your Car scheme is awful, but the rest of the schemes are very good, and are very attractive.

4-BK Racing #26 Rank Last Year:14th of 14-Bully Hill Vinyards is an over-designed joke with an awful color scheme. The yellow numbers on the Burger King scheme are awful, but the rest of the schemes are good, and defendable.

5-RAB Racing #29 Rank Last Year:NR-Good color scheme, mediocre design scheme.

6-Joe Gibbs Racing #11 Rank Last Year:9th of 14-The Autisim Speaks scheme works well. The zipper scheme is decent, but odd. Sport Clips is over-designed, but with a good color scheme. The FedEx schemes have decent color schemes, but are over-designed on the front.

7-BK Racing #83 Rank Last Year:3rd of 14-VooDoo Barbecue is an over-designed mess. Dip your car is terrible, as is Zak. Burger King and Borla work well though.

8-Joe Gibbs Racing #20 Rank Last Year:8th of 14- Can all be summed up with medicore color schemes and mediocre design schemes

9-Swan Racing #30 Rank Last Year:14th of 14-The only time the car looked good was when it was unsponsored, but compared to last year’s design it looks amazing!

10-BK Racing #93 Rank Last Year:4th of 14-The Support Millitary scheme is the worst, and although Burger King, Dr. Pepper, and Iowa City Chop House do make up for it, it just isn’t enough.

11-Identity Ventures Racing #87 Rank Last Year:NR-300 is a mess, and Morris,Hardick and Schinder/SmartBen looks too dull.

12-Michael Waltrip Racing #15 Rank Last Year:11th of 14-The Peak scheme is defendable, the color scheme is good, but the rest of the schemes are just awful.

13-Michael Waltrip Racing #66 Rank Last Year:NR-Nothing about any of these schemes is good.

Next week is the grand finale!  All 55 teams will be ranked!

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