The Driver Suit Blog-Steve Lundquist, World Champion Swimmer, Olympic Gold Medalist, Race Car Driver?!?!?

By David G. Firestone

Oh come on! You took Wednesday’s post seriously? You believed that? You didn’t really think I gave up on racing memorabilia…did you? April Fools! Racing memorabilia is, has, and always will be my passion, but I had to have a little fun on April Fools Day! But I did that for a specific reason. Steve Lundquist was an Olympic swimmer, he has two gold medals to his name, and he also, after the 1984 Olympics, started racing cars, and he seemed to really enjoy it. I purchased a huge collection of his memorabilia, racing and non-racing.

In 1985, after coming back an Olympic hero, he was invited to join the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race at Long Beach. He accepted, and though he didn’t to too well, he got bitten by the racing bug. For the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race he wore this driver suitlundquist1

This single layer suit shows heavy use, with stains and scuff marks on the arms. It has a nice vintage look to it.

The cowl contains an older version of the Simpson warranty label.lundquist1-collar lundquist1-tag

The right chest features a VALVOLINE patch and STEVE LUNDQUIST embroidered into it.lundquist1-rchest

The left chest features a vintage racing stripe design, with TOYOTA MOTORSPORTS, BRIDGESTONE, GRAND PRIX OF LONG BEACH and ND SPARK PLUGS patches on the stripes.lundquist1-lchest

As there are no primary sponsors of the cars, there are no logos on the torso as primary sponsors.lundquist1-belt

The rights shoulder does not have an epaulet, or any adornment.lundquist1-rshoulderThe right sleeve has an EARL’ S patch and a BLISTEN SHOCK ABSORBERS patch. There are no logos at the end of the sleeve, and heavy wear on the back of the sleeve.lundquist1-rsleeve1 lundquist1-rsleeve2 lundquist1-lsleeve3

The left shoulder, like the right shoulder does not have an epaulet. The stripe pattern terminates at the hem of the shoulder.lundquist1-lshoulder

The left sleeve features a SIMPSON RACE PRODUCTS patch, and a JIM RUSSELL RACING SCHOOL patch. There isn’t much wear here.lundquist1-lsleeve1 lundquist1-lsleeve2

The back of the suit shows no real wear, and has no patches or design present.lundquist1b lundquist1-bneck lundquist1-blogo

In 1986, at some point, Lundquist race with Valvoline as a sponsor. Where or when he raced is not known, but during that time he wore this suit and helmet.lundquist2 lundquisthelmet-1

The suit shows light use, and is in really good condition.lundquist2

The collar is a Velcro-closure design, and has no adornment on it at all.lundquist2-collar

The older 3-part Simpson Warranty tag is present in the cowl. Along with flag tags indicating size and a born on date.lundquist2-tag

The right chest features a VALVOLINE patch, and the start of the torso design is also present.lundquist2-rchest

The left chest features a Simpson patch and STEVE LUNDQUIST embroidered into it, near the top of the stripe design.lundquist2-lchest

The front torso features a VALVOLINE logo in vertical-arched chain stitching, in blue background, with New York Rangers-style striping.lundquist2-flogo

The legs feature red, white and thick blue striping up the sides, which terminates at the waist, but there are no logos.lundquist2-legs

The shoulders have epaulets, unlike the Toyota Atlantic suit, but the epaulets have no logos present.lundquist2-rshoulder lundquist2-lshoulder

The right sleeve has a VALVOLINE patch on the blue, but no other logos present.lundquist2-rsleeve1 lundquist2-rsleeve2

The left sleeve has a SIMPSON RACE PRODUCTS patch and a VALVOLINE patch. There are no logos on the end of the sleeves.lundquist2-lsleeve1 lundquist2-lsleeve2

The back of the suit shows no real wear to speak of.lundquist2b

The white collar has no decoration on it at all.lundquist2-bneck

The back torso has the same vertically arched VALVOLINE logo in attractive chain stitching on the back on the blue section of the suit.lundquist2-blogo

The matching helmet that comes with the suit has the same VALVOLINE designs, and was boldly autographed by Steve Lundquist on the left side.lundquisthelmet-1 lundquisthelmet-2 lundquisthelmet-3 lundquisthelmet-4 lundquisthelmet-5 lundquisthelmet-6

The third driver suit is a Budweiser driver suit from 1990. At this point he was racing in the NHRA and was sponsored by Budweiser. He raced an Oldsmobile, and had a number of sponsors. The suit is in good condition.lundquist3

The standard Simpson warranty label is present inside the cowl. Additionally, there is a small flag indicating that the suit was made in January of 1990.lundquist3-collar lundquist3-tag

The chest is very patch laden, with the right chest features an NHRA MEMBER patch, above STEVE LUNDQUIST. Below that are CHIEF AUTO PARTS, HYDROMATIC and PENNZOIL patches.lundquist3-lchest

The red belt is unadorned.lundquist3-belt

The legs have no wear or logos on them. The cuffs are standard cuff.lundquist3-legs

The shoulders have epaulets, and the right shoulder has an OLDSMOBILE patch fully covering the epaulet.lundquist3-rshoulder

The right sleeve does not have any adornment at all.lundquist3-rsleeve1 lundquist3-rsleeve2

The left shoulder has a GOODYEAR patch covering the entire epaulet. lundquist3-lshoulderThe left sleeve has a SIMPSON RACE PRODUCTS patch on top, but no other adornment present.lundquist3-lsleeve1 lundquist3-lsleeve2

The back of the suit has no adornment on the collar, and a large Budweiser logo just below that.lundquist3b lundquist3-bneck lundquist3-blogo

While racing in the NHRA, Lundquist wore this collar. It was designed to keep the neck stable in the event of the crash.lundquistcollar-2 lundquistcollar-3 lundquistcollar-1

Lundquist wore these large orange gloves while driving to protect his hands while he was driving. They are made of Nomex with extra protection on the palms to provide grip.lundquistgloves-1 lundquistgloves-2 lundquistgloves-3 lundquistgloves-4 lundquistgloves-5 lundquistgloves-6 lundquistgloves-7 lundquistgloves-8

These shoes were used by Lundquist to protect his feet in the event of a fire. Leather covered Nomex, which show a lot of wear.lundquistshoes-1 lundquistshoes-2 lundquistshoes-3 lundquistshoes-4 lundquistshoes-5 lundquistshoes-6 lundquistshoes-7 lundquistshoes-8 lundquistshoes-9 lundquistshoes-10 lundquistshoes-11 lundquistshoes-12 lundquistshoes-13

The Driver Suit Blog dies when I do! I will never forsake racing memorabilia, nor will I ever forsake my readers, but I will have some fun with you whenever I get the chance!


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