The Driver Suit Blog-Loaning to the Chicago Sports Museum

2014-10-6-CSMuseum4By David G. Firestone

When I first went to the Chicago Sports Museum at the Water Tower Place, I was in heaven. The interactive exhibits were amazing, and a lot of fun. The exhibits were amazing as well. I especially enjoyed the microphone flag display near the main hall. The large display in the Hall of Legends features an entire wall filled with memorabilia from many Chicago area teams, past and present. It’s a really fun place.

But when I came to the auto racing display, it was…well…lackluster, to say the least. Two trophies and a champagne bottle didn’t exactly impress me. So on the train ride back home, I began to think, maybe I should loan something to the museum. Upon returning, I started looking into my various driver suits, and deciding which one I should loan to the museum. This wasn’t easy, as I wanted a suit that had a Chicago connection. Chicagoland Speedway opened in 2001, and the majority of my collection is pre-2000.

After some thinking, and researching, I decided to loan this David Stremme suit, which I could prove was worn at Chicagoland. My next step was getting in touch with Harry Carry’s and presenting the offer. They responded quickly and accepted the offer. Paperwork was signed, and then I went to the museum, suit in hand, and handed the suit off to them, after lunch.2014-10-6-CSMuseum1 2014-10-6-CSMuseum2 2014-10-6-CSMuseum4 2014-10-6-CSMuseum3

Due to the size of the suit, a larger mannequin had to be ordered, and the case had to be redesigned. Several weeks went by and then I got an email stating that the suit was finally on display. I went with mom to Harry Carry’s Seventh Inning Stretch, had a really good burger, and some Frank Thomas’s Big Hurt Beer, and toured the museum and saw my suit in full display. If you have lunch or dinner at Harry Carry’s Seventh Inning Stretch you will get your tickets to the museum comped. If you decide to visit the museum then eat, you will get your ticket price taken out of the bill. It’s a really good deal at a really good museum.


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