The Driver Suit Blog-My Thoughts on Weather and Social Media

By David G. Firestone

Got a few things this week. The joke is that with April showers come May flowers, and the April rain delay tour showed up again, this week at Bristol. Unlike NOLA Motorsports Park, Bristol made damn sure that the track was clear and ready for racing, and delayed the restart of the race until it was. The race was a traditional Bristol short track race and though rain was an issue the race was good. Across the country, at Long Beach California, the Grand Prix of Long Beach and the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race was held. Unlike Bristol, the weather was great and the racing was even better.

When it comes to rain delays, they don’t bother me, because I care about the safety of the drivers. Last year’s Japanese Grand Prix shows why you shouldn’t force the race in bad weather. Jules Bianchi paid the price with his racing career and nearly his life when he lost control in the bad weather conditions, and slammed into a tractor. That was a wake up call that weather should be respected, and safety should be the top priority in racing. Between that, and the Kyle Busch wreck at Daytona, there is a new focused effort on safety, that I’m a fan of.

Next, I’d like to talk about social media, specifically Twitter. I have a Twitter account for myself and The Driver Suit Blog but I rarely tweet anything. When I tweet or post stuff on Facebook, I usually stick to just goofy and fun stuff. What I don’t understand though is when Twitter went from fun way to communicate to legitimate journalism. CNN, ESPN, Fox News, MSNBC, and all the major news groups use Twitter as a news site. I wish they wouldn’t. I like places on the internet where you can escape the problems of life for a while, and social media used to be like that…oh well.

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