The Driver Suit Blog-Taylor Motorsports Proudcts, An Introduction Part 1

HolbrookBy David G. Firestone

I recently found out about Taylor Motorsports Products. I thought at first they were a new company, but, according to their website, “Taylor Motorsports Products was founded in 1979 by Dennis Taylor. Dennis has been immersed in the motorsports world for most of his life starting with his days at Orange County International Raceway in the late sixties and his time on the road with fuel dragsters and Funny Cars. But, Taylor’s involvement did not stop at drag racing; he has been instrumental in product development for many racing competitors in all aspects of motorsports. For over 30 years, Dennis Taylor has been on the leading edge of safety innovation combining his eye for detail, perfection and quality with the most challenging safety needs of competitors in drag racing to open wheel to off road and more. Today, Taylor Motorsports Products has a comprehensive line of hundreds of custom designed and hand made products from driver’s suits to complete restraint systems.” Indeed, they make a number of different product for racing safety.

A lot of driver suit manufacturers will use driver endorsements to promote their products, but for a while I couldn’t find any driver who wore Taylor stuff, then I stumbled upon this Shea Holbrook driver suit from 2011. Shea developed her interest in racing after attending the Richard Petty Driving Experience in 2006. Since then she has raced in the Pirelli World Challenge in the SCCA, and a jet dragster driver in the IHRA. In 2011, she gained K&N Filters as a sponsor. During that season, she wore this suit.Holbrook

There are a number of small variations of the suit, but she can clearly be seen wearing this suit in a February 2011 photo. A photo from April at Long Beach shows a different patch arrangement, though she does appear in this suit in several photos. The suit itself is a triple layer suit with SFI 3-2A/5 rating.Holbrook

The collar has a Velcro-shut collar with a K&N logo. Interestingly, there is no warranty tag anywhere on the suit.Holbrook-collar

The right chest features a WORLD CHALLENGE and an SCCA PRO RACING logo embroidered into it.Holbrookrchest

The left chest features a LUCAS OIL PRODUCTS logo embroidered into it.Holbrook-lchest

The front torso features a K&N logo embroidered into it.Holbrook-flogo

SHEA HOLOBROOK is embroidered into the belt, which is outlined in red.Holbrook-belt

The legs have red stripes up the legs, and small TAYLOR MOTORSPORTS PRODUCTS logos on the legs. The cuffs are standard cuffs.Holbrook-legs

The shoulders have no adornment on the epaulets. Interestingly there are no Taylor Motorsports logos on the shoulders at all.Holbrook-rshoulder Holbrook-lshoulder

The right sleeve features an American Flag design, a TAYLOR MOTORSPORTS PRODUCTS logo, a SUNOCO logo, and a K&N television logoHolbrook-rsleeve1 Holbrook-rsleeve2

The left sleeve features the SFI 3-2A/5 rating, a TAYLOR MOTORSPORTS PRODUCTS logo, a RACE KEEPER logo, and the K&N television logo.Holbrook-lsleeve1 Holbrook-lsleeve2

The back of the suit has a couple of logos, and some light wear is visible.Holbrookb

The back of the neck itself is unadorned, but just below there is SHEARACING.COM and a K&N logo embroidered into the black material.Holbrook-neck Holbrook-blogo

I have since found another example of a Taylor Motorsports Products suit, but I’ll save that for next week.


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