The Driver Suit Blog-Replica Helmets and Why We Need Them In Racing Part 6.

martin2-1By David G. Firestone

Last week, I covered the first incarnation of Sports Cover Up full size replica helmets. Well after that set was released, the design was completely redesigned. The softer plastic was replaced with a more rigid, harder plastic. Also, the visor has been redesigned, so it can be moved up or down. The finish is much shiner too. To sum it up, the quality is much better. The bottom is also a rigid plastic stand, which helps display the helmet better.

The first example is a Bill Elliott McDonald’s helmet from, I’m guessing 1999. I think it’s from 1999 as there isn’t a 50th Anniversary logo anywhere on the helmet. NASCAR put that logo on EVERYTHING in 1998, and the lack of it makes me think that this came from 1999. Anyway, the helmet feels much more well made than the 1997 helmet. It isn’t impossible that Elliott wore this design during 1998 or 1999, but I have yet to see it.elliott-2-1 elliott-2-2 elliott-2-3 elliott-2-4 elliott-2-5 elliott-2-6 elliott-2-7

Mark Martin’s accurate design makes a return with this helmet. Interestingly, unlike the Bill Elloitt model, the intake nozzle is accurate. In NASCAR, and other forms of stock car racing, air is blown into the helmet via a filtering system to keep the driver cool. Not only does this helmet have a nozzle, it is pretty accurate.martin2-1 martin2-2 martin2-3 martin2-4 martin2-5 martin2-6 martin2-7

Outside of these helmets, I can’t find anything else from this company. They look good, and I would have to guess that they made more memorabilia, not just for NASCAR but for other sports teams as well. If anyone can help me out with information, shoot me an email. I really want to know about this company. We’ll discuss a more modern version of these helmets next week.


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