The Driver Suit Blog-My Thoughts On Not Having to Do A My Thoughts On For A Month

By David G. Firestone

Starting next week, I will be taking a month long break from The Driver Suit Blog. I’ve got 4 Friday Features ready to go, but their will be no My Thoughts On, Paint Scheme Tracker, or Paint Scheme Grades for a month. I will do an article on The Route 66 Nationals, as always, but other than that, I don’t have to write for a month.

I’m getting paid vacation for a month from my real job, so I’m totally off duty. I live in the Chicago-land Area and there is so much stuff to do in the summer. I take my vacation in July to take full advantage of the summer in Chicago. I’m planning to go to a ribfest, and checking out museums. I’m gonna have a great time.

It’s gonna be weird for me not to have to do a My Thoughts On for a month. I’ll think of the topic during the weekend, and work on it over the course of a week, alongside the Friday Feature. So once that’s all done, I upload it. Sometimes I will preempt an article ready to go if a racing situation demands it. This doesn’t happen all that often, but when it does, I have to do a week’s worth of work in less than a day. I’m glad this doesn’t happen that often.

I will miss writing for The Driver Suit Blog, but I do need a break every once in a while. I will be back in August, ready to go. See you then!


One thought on “The Driver Suit Blog-My Thoughts On Not Having to Do A My Thoughts On For A Month

  1. Hi David. This is Dennis Taylor from Taylor Motorsports Products.
    I will be at Route 66 this weekend and would like to meet you. Thank you for the kind words about our products. Please call or text me if your at the race, here is my cell number 714 319-2452. Thanks,
    Dennis Taylor

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