The Driver Suit Blog-Cory McClenathan Hero Cards, Press Kit, and…Tire Covers?

[Editor’s Note: I’m on vacation for July, and I will not update the tracker or paint scheme grades until August. In the meantime, I’ve got articles ready to go on Fridays. DGF]

McClenathan-1By David G. Firestone

Cory McClenathan has raced in top fuel since 1991. Within that time, he has 34 wins, in 71 final round appearances. In 2015, he is making a comeback after disappearing from the sport for the last two seasons. Cory raced for Joe Gibbs Racing for many years, but now is racing for Chris Dakin and Dexter Tuttle.

I recently purchased a fan pack with two hero cards, one from 1999, which he has autographed, McClenathan-1 McClenathan-2and one from 2011-2012 when he was racing for Rapisarda Racing, an Australian-based team. McClenathan-3 McClenathan-4These are standard items. As is this press kit from 1999, which has driver, and team stats and news, and sponsor information from MBNA, who used to be a huge racing sponsor.McClenathanpresskit-1 McClenathanpresskit-3 McClenathanpresskit-13 McClenathanpresskit-26The highlight of the collection are these tire shades. McClenathanCover-3Unlike Formula 1, these are meant to protect the tires from the shade. Why is this important? Well tires are 36 inches tall by 17 inches wide. These races often take place in bright sunlight on hot days. If there was no shades, tire pressures could be very uneven, and as a direct result, the tire wouldn’t race as well, and there could be safety issued. These are designed and marketed by Jeg’s, who in addition to being a major seller of racing parts to many professional and amateur teams, is also a sponsor and team owner. These are designed for top fuel dragsters. Funny cars have a square piece that covers the wheel on the body.McClenathanCover-1 McClenathanCover-2 McClenathanCover-3 McClenathanCover-4

This pair is unused and in great condition, and has CORY MCClLENATHAN printed on the side. They appear to be made out of insulated plastic.  These are interesting items, and they come up for sale every now and again.


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