The Driver Suit Blog-Paint Scheme Grades- September 5, 2015

Kasey Kahne #5 Hendrick Ride Along Chevy SS-I was thinking it would be a Terry Labonte or Ricky Rudd throwback, but this Geoff Bodine scheme from 1983 is a good scheme, the door number looks good, the designs are great, and the color scheme is great. A+

Alex Bowman #7 “Tiger” Tom Baldwin Throwback Chevy SS-New scheme for 2015, pays tribute to “Tiger” Tom Baldwin’s modified car. It’s a great look, and the bars on the side, and air filter decal is unique, but it works very well. A+

Ryan Blaney #21 SKF Manufacturing Day Ford Fusion-It’s a redesign of a good scheme, and I really can’t find fault with it.A+

Joey Logano #22 Shell Pennzoil Mario Andretti Throwback Ford Fusion-I had no idea what Shell had planned, but I didn’t think that it would be based on Mario Andretti’s 1988 24 Hours of LeMans Porsche. That being said, it is a great throwback scheme, with a bold look that is better than their current scheme! I want this to be the Shell/Pennzoil scheme! A+

JJ Yeley #23 Beds For Kids Toyota Camry-Not a throwback per se, but more of a fauxback scheme. The color scheme looks good, I like the removal of the Dr Pepper number circle, but that stripe just looks forced and awkward. If it wasn’t looping over the tires, I might like it better, but it takes an A+ scheme down to a B-

Justin Allgaier #51 Brandt Throwback Chevy SS-Already a fauxback design, they redesign the numbers, giving them a Rowdy Burns style look, and make EST 1953 more prominent. It was a great look, and it’s still a great look. A+

Martin Truex Jr. #78 Furniture Row National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month Chevy SS-I was really wondering what Furniture Row Racing would do here. They do have some classic schemes, but they don’t look that good. Instead, they turned their logos and number teal to create awareness for ovarian cancer. It is a smart move that earns an A+.


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