The Driver Suit Blog-Lou Feger’s Racing…A Perfect Example of What Makes Racing Great!

olsonBy David G. Firestone

Overwhelmingly, race car drivers are individuals who work real jobs from 9-5 and race on the weekends. Some are chasing their dreams of racing professionally, others are racing for the love of the game. In many instances, this continues for generations. This is also true for race teams, and racing equipment stores, such as Lou Feger’s Racing Equpment.

Founded by racer “Lightin’ Lou” Fegers in Delano, Michigan in 1965, Lou Fegers Racing Equipment has been a must stop shop for Michigan racing enthusiasts for 50 years. Drivers and teams have been buying from Lou Fegers for generations. Their stock of parts is extensive and covers many aspects, from people souping up road cars, to race car drivers looking for quality parts.

These kinds of stores will often sponsor race cars as advertising, and set up shop at the track during events in case teams need parts. The team will design the car, and a driver suit comes with the sponsorship package. This Worth Racing suit is an example of one of the driver suits worn by a Lou Fegers sponsored car, Harry Olson.olsonThis single-layer, non certified driver suit is in great condition, and shows some use.

The collar has a Velcro closure design.olson-collar

The cowl has a small tag which reads “100 nylon Nomex,” and has a Worth Company logo present.olson-tag

The right chest has no design at all on it.olson-rchest

The left chest has a racing stripe that extends to the name, which is embroidered in a chain-stitch like design.olson-lchest

The front torso and belt have no adornment at all.olson-flogo olson-belt

The legs have a red stripe fully running out of the sides, and have standard cuffs.olson-legs

The shoulders have no epaulets, rather a stripe runs down the shoulder to the end of the sleeve.olson-rshoulder olson-lshoulder

Other than the stripe, the right sleeve has no design on them at all.olson-rsleeve1 olson-rsleeve2

The left sleeve has a WORTH patch sewn into it, no other designs are present.olson-lsleeve1 olson-lsleeve2

The back of the suit has some light wear.olsonb

The back of the neck is unadorned.olson-neck

The back torso features a LOU FEGER’S RACING EQUIP logo embroidered into it, with a checkered flag pat sewn into it.olson-blogo

Family run independent stores and teams are part of what make racing great. We go to races and watch, and enjoy. Drivers race because the fans love to watch them. I hope this tradition continues forever and ever!

Next week, a helmet from an underrated racing innovator.


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