The Driver Suit Blog-Paint Scheme Grades-September 26, 2015

Jamie McMurray #1 McDonald’s/Cessna Chevy SS-Same as Daytona scheme, but reversed, same A+ grade.

Jamie McMurray #1 FlirMPX Chevy SS-Bit of a stretch with the color scheme, however, the great design scheme works well, and the scheme as a whole is great. A+

Alex Bowman #7 Road Rippers Chevy SS-Same as Toy State scheme, same D- grade.

Sam Hornish Jr. #9 Lowes Foods Ford Fusion-I’m not a fan of most shades of green used on race cars these days, but the darker the better. This is a shade of green that works quite well, and the scheme is good too, so it earns an A+

Danica Patrick #10 GoDaddy Pink Chevy SS-It’s that time of year again, pinkwashing time. The whole idea of putting pink on everything during the month of October has run its course, so I will continue to fail any scheme that follows, like this scheme. F

Jeff Gordon #24 Ride With Jeff Chevy SS-557 people paid $124 to have their name put on the hood of Jeff’s car and this solid A+ scheme is the result.

Jeff Gordon #24 Axalta Final Race Chevy SS-I’m glad Axalta decided to do something unique for Jeff Gordon’s final full-time race at Homestead. Originally, it was going to be the same Axalta scheme he ran all season, but this one works well too. I have to give it an A+

Josh Wise #32 Beer Frost/Skuttle Tight Ford Fusion-This is a nod to the Tide Ride throwback, and I hope they don’t change it! That is a great shade of orange, the numbers look great, and the scheme earns an A+.

Cole Whitt #35 Taco Bell Ford Fusion-The Taco Bell scheme worked well on the #34 last year, and it works well on the #35 this year. A+

Kyle Larson #42 Linksys Plaid Chevy SS-Target is going all in on plaid this year, since apparently, it’s the next big thing in fashion. That said, this car needs work. The tan plaid is too light, and the design is mediocre at best. I like the color scheme, so I’ll give it a B-.

AJ Allmendinger #47 Food For Less Chevy SS-Same scheme as Kroger, same A+ grade.

Jimmie Johnson #48 Lowes/Hitachi Chevy SS-New sponsor for 2015, same as Lowe’s. B-

David Ragan #55 Aaron’s Partners Of The Year Toyota Camry-Same scheme as Aaron’s, but with their partners of the year on the hood. A+

Ryan Preece #98 Chevy SS-Now if I really have to explain why this is a great scheme, you probably haven’t been paying attention. This is as perfect a throwback as can be! A+

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