My Thoughts on Selfies

By David G. Firestone

By now most of you have seen the video featuring the sorority girls taking selfies at an Arizona Diamondbacks game. For those who haven’t the television station broadcasting a Rockies/Diamondbacks game shot several sorority girls in the stands taking selfies while the game was going on. The announcers made a running commentary on them, and how stupid selfies are in general.

Now considering that the game was worthless at the time, I can understand not caring too much, but why would you go to the game in the first place if all you plan on doing is taking selfies? We have become a digital society, and that isn’t a bad thing, but selfies are getting out of hand.

I don’t take too many selfies. I’ve taken, at most, 20 in the last few years, half of them with race car drivers at Route 66. I find selfies not worth the time or effort. Many people swear by them. I know a lot of people who take selfies just for the sake of taking a selfie. But within the last few years, the obsession of taking “the best selfie ever” has lead to people doing very dangerous things. It’s been confirmed that in 2015, selfies are deadlier than sharks. 12 people have thus far been killed while taking selfies in 2015.

This is going to sound crass, but anyone who kills themselves while taking a selfie deserves it. I have no compassion for them at all. If you risk life and limb for the sake of a picture…A PICTURE…then you are an idiot, and I don’t feel bad for making fun of you! We have way too many stupid people in this world, and we need to weed them out every so often.


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