The Driver Suit Blog-My Thoughts on Reinventing and Reinstalling

By David G. Firestone

I’d like to discuss something that has been irritating me for a while. I ate at Shake Shack last week, since one opened up at Old Orchard Mall, which is near my house. The food was good, not great, I’ll give it a B. The reason I went was because people who I know were talking about it and raving about it, but one of them used a term that is being used a lot in this day in age. She said “Shake Shack is going to reinvent the fast food industry!”

Could we PLEASE stop using “X is going to reinvent X” as a statement? First off, whatever the new product is probably won’t, and second, it just sounds pretentious. I hate to break it to you, but Shake Shack is NOT going to reinvent fast food. The simple fact is that if you look at their menu, it’s hamburgers, hot dogs, frozen custard, milkshakes, and ice cream. I will give credit that the Portobello Mushroom burger is an original idea that does work well. Instead of beef, it’s a Portobello mushroom with lettuce, muenster cheese, and cheddar cheese. Other than that, there is nothing very revolutionary about their menu.

If you want two restaurants that legitimately reinvented the fast food industry, I would suggest Taco Bell and KFC. Both of them very legitimately changed because they carved out niche markets in the fast food industry that hadn’t existed prior to their arrival. Harland Sanders developed the now famous recipe, and cooking techniques for Kentucky Fried Chicken. He franchised the restaurant, was their mouthpiece and mascot, and introduced fast food fried chicken on a national scale. Prior to KFC, fast food was mainly burgers and fries.

Taco Bell was introduced by Glen Bell, who saw that Tex-Mex food was a big hit in California. He started with the Taco Bell concept, and it proved to be a great move. Tex-Mex food instantly became a hit, and it has since become a staple of fast food. Taco Bell, love it or hate it, created the Tex-Mex sector of the fast food market.

My point is that these two companies, Taco Bell, and KFC reinvented fast food. They each found a brand new niche in the fast food market. While Shake Shack does have decent food, only one of their concepts is a new concept, and the majority of their product line is tried and true fast food, but with better quality and different cooking standards. They aren’t reinventing anything, SO STOP SAYING THEY ARE!

Moving on from that, I want to discuss something else. So last week…I had to reinstall Windows on my laptop. Ugh! What an experience! The reinstall itself went quite well, but I had to reinstall ALL of my programs. I also was locked out of my WordPress account, so I couldn’t edit anything for two days. After that was done, I updated to Windows 10. I expected the upgrade to be a disaster, but it actually works well, and I have my laptop back now!

Not being able to edit or update for a few days turned out to be a great thing, as it gave me some time to decompress. I love doing The Driver Suit Blog, but there are some weeks where I have more work than hours available. So I’ve decided to make a few command decisions. I don’t like burning myself out every week.

The first decision is that, effective immediately, Throwback Thursday has been shelved. This is a slight time saver, but at this point, any little bit matters.

Second, I reserve the right to not do a My Thoughts On, or Paint Scheme Grades if time does not permit me to. This won’t happen to often, but there are times I have too much on my plate.

Third, I will always have a Friday Feature post, but I reserve the right to go off topic, meaning a non-auto racing post. This will happen in the event I’m not able to finish an auto racing-related post in time. I will have one or two things ready to go in any individual moment. They will be interesting, I promise!

I understand that this is an auto racing blog, but I want a healthy mix in life. I blog about this all the time, but I’m not solely focused on auto racing in my life. I have a healthy mix of things in life. Again, this won’t happen very often, but circumstances will dictate when it does.


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