The Driver Suit Blog-2015 Driver Suit Blog Gift Guide

By David G. Firestone

It seems everyone is doing gift guides for the Holiday season. So, in honor of Black Friday, I figured I would get in on the action. We all have a racing fan we know, whether it be a coworker, friend, family member, neighbor, or whoever, and you might not know what to get them for the holidays. Racing fans are not that difficult to shop for as one might think, so here is a list of things ideal to give the racing fan in your life.

Racing tickets-The ideal gift for any racing fan is a ticket to see the race live in person. Plus, if said person lives with you, it gets them out of the house for a day, which is nice.

Anything, and I mean ANYTHING with their favorite driver’s name and/or number on it.-Let’s be honest, racing fans want anything that is branded with their favorite driver. I’m fully convinced that male fans will buy a dildo, if it has their driver’s number on it. Just make sure you get the right driver. You don’t want to give a Joey Logano fan a Matt Kenseth branded item…or vise versa. Also, WHY DOES NASCAR SELL ROMANTIC NOVELS?

A big screen tv-To watch racing on…obviously! Turn racing on, and the fans will watch, and you can go about your life without them.

Food delivery gift cards-Racing fans do not like leaving the house to get food, so give them the ability to eat without leaving the house.

Beer-Can’t watch racing without beer. Most racing fans aren’t sophisticated so when it comes to beer…the cheaper the better! Make sure they choose a designated driver first.

Bacon-Now if I really have to explain why this is a good gift, you probably should be reading Cosmo instead of this…

Red meat-See above.

BBQ Sauce-Goes on the red meat.

Potato chips or other snacks-To be eaten with pizza, bacon or red meat.

Soda-Used with beer to help wash down the pizza, bacon, or red meat

Maalox, Pepto Bismol, or any other antacid-A racing fan after pigging out on pizza, bacon, or red meat while watching a race is not pleasant to watch. Said fan is even worse to deal with after the fact, so this should help.

Air freshener-See above.

Follow this easy guide, and the racing fan in your life will be happy!

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