The Driver Suit Blog-My Thoughts On Hiring Failed Talent

By David G. Firestone

I’d like someone, and I don’t care who, to explain to me, why when a player, coach, or a radio personality is fired, they quickly get signed by a rival? Why does this keep happening? Why do losing coaches, and awful radio people keep getting jobs? I just don’t get it! I don’t understand how people can fail horribly at something, and yet be able to quickly get a job?

Here is why I’m wondering about this. Earlier this week, I noticed that Chip Kelly was making statements as head coach of the San Francisco 49’ers. I don’t really follow football, and I really don’t care about the off-season, so I missed his signing. But given how much of a controversial disaster Kelly was during the 2015 season, I have to wonder how desperate the 49’ers are.

In 2015, Kelly alienated many players with his personnel moves, took a 10-6 team down to 6-9, and was fired before the season was even over. He was in charge of football operations, and had free reign to sign and release players. The team did not perform well for most of the season. Yet Kelly, for reasons I can’t even begin to understand, he denies any and all responsibility for everything that went wrong in 2015.

Kelly made it clear that, despite the fact he was in charge, he did the best he could. I don’t thing that for a second. When you are in charge of something, and you make the decisions, the blame lands on you. When you flat out say that you aren’t the problem, often times, you are. Kelly thinks that by doing this, it means he isn’t showing weakness. That may be, but he is showing stupidity. He is the criminal, who was a victim of circumstance, even though all the evidence makes it clear that said criminal is guilty.

Listening to what Kelly said, I can’t understand why the 49’ers would be willing to work with him. He threw the Eagles owners, players, and coaching staff under the bus to make himself look better. If I were one of the players, one of the coaches, or the owners, I would be very worried right now. Because if he did that in Philly, he’ll do that in San Fran. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Also, why is it that in local radio markets, the same people keep getting hired and fired? How bad does someone have to mess up to never be back on the radio again? Ok, let me rephrase that, how bad does someone have to be, without being racist, sexist, or homophobic, to never be on radio again? I’ve been trying to listen to radio when I’m at home, but the DJ’s SUCK! Furthermore, on air talent will change periodically, but nothing improves. I’m thinking, at this point, I should just throw my radio out, and just watch BBC America.

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