The Driver Suit Blog-My Thoughts On This Weekend’s Sports Controversies

By David G. Firestone

After the opening lap wreck that took place between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton, I would love to be a fly of the wall in Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team right now. I would love to know what is going on with that team right now. I’d love to know what Toto Wolff and Nikki Lauda are thinking, and what they are saying behind closed doors. I’d bet that at team headquarters, from the outside, it looks like they are closed, but really, there are just meetings going on.

I’ve been reading what has the team website says what was “said” by Wolff, Hamilton, and Rosberg said concerning the start of the race, and I’m willing to wager money that all four versions were heavily edited. Both of them blame each other, and Wolff calls it a “racing incident.” I beg to differ, I think both drivers are equally to blame in this wreck.

You could make the argument that Hamilton was being too aggressive going into turn 3, but at the same time, you could also argue that that Rosberg aggressively blocked Hamilton going into the turn. Lauda says Hamilton is to blame, but the fact that he was being aggressive should shock nobody. He was not having a great season, and he finally looked like he had everything ready to go. Rosberg blocking does come as a bit of a shock, but being the championship leader, he wanted to protect his lead. The actions aren’t that shocking, but the result was.

What troubles me most about this is the fact that the two teammates seemed to be on better terms than years before. It actually seemed like Rosberg and Hamilton were doing well as teammates, and were working well. Now it looks like that has gone to the wayside. There needs to be a “clear the air” meeting between the two. Going into that meeting, nobody is right, nobody is wrong, just clear the air, and focus on the rest of the season.

While we are on the subject of controversies, let’s discuss the Manchester United game…or lack thereof. The game was canceled because a “bomb” was found near the stadium. A controlled detonation was performed, and it was revealed that the “bomb” was a training device, accidentally left by a private security firm. I was reading an article today that the security firm that is rightfully being blamed for the fiasco, and as a result, will likely be fired from the team, and lose business. I give him credit for admitting that his group was responsible, and taking the blame.

People said that the reaction to the bomb scare was an overreaction. Was it? Remember that back in November, a series of suicide bombers attacked Stade de France, in the suburb of Saint-Denis during a Germany/French friendly football match. The fact that a suspicious-looking item, which had all the outward appearances of a legitimate bomb should have prompted a full evacuation of the stadium, and canceling of the match. In this day in age, no chances should be taken with public safety.

Let’s hope that for the next few weeks, there aren’t too many more major controversies in sports as happened last week.

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