The Driver Suit Blog-My Thoughts On Vacation

By David G. Firestone

Just a short article this week. I love writing The Driver Suit Blog, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I need a break. As such, starting this Saturday, I’m going to take my annual summer sabbatical. I need a chance to decompress and get away from the hectic pace that is writing The Driver Suit Blog for a while, and summer in Chicago is the best time to do it.

I will have Monday Videos, Throwback Thursdays, and Friday Features ready to go, but I’m not updating the Paint Scheme Tracker, and Grades, nor will I do My Thoughts On. I will do my annual Route 66 Nationals article. Route 66 will be the 800th Funny Car race in NHRA history. I plan on doing my usual thing, and having a great time. I’m not just going to be sitting idle for July, I have a number of things planned and ready to go. I don’t know for sure if I’m going to post a recap, but I might. I haven’t decided as of this writing.

Can someone explain to me why the week before vacation is the longest week of the year? I get the time goes slow when you are waiting for something fun to happen, but the slow week really sucks. My shifts at work are going to seem longer, and the week in general is going to seem longer. But the end result is worth the wait. See you in August!

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