The Driver Suit Blog-The Vest Project Part 13-A Love of Speed In The Air and On The Ground

hagansBy David G. Firestone

Not all drivers are full-time drivers. There are many drivers in many national racing series who have real jobs, but race because they love to race. NHRA Pro Stock driver V Gaines races his shark-toothed Dodge Dart on weekends, but for the remainder of the week, he is Vieri Gaines, and he is the CEO of Western Distributing Transportation Corporation. Another example is Matt Hagans, who raced in ARCA, ASA, and NASCAR, but is also the owner of Indianapolis-based Eagle Creek Aviation Services.

Eagle Creek Aviation Services is a private aircraft sales and service company founded in 1982. Since then, they have become a national company, with a number of locations across the country. Hagans has built the business well, and has a lot of dedicated customers. He has built his business, and earned his wealth. He enjoys racing stock cars in his spare time.

Although he has worked with fellow businessman turned enthusiast Todd Braun for a few races, most of his races were with his own team and his own sponsorship. As he bounced around in ARCA, racing in a few events each season over the course of 5 years, raced in 20 events. During those seasons, one of his crew members wore this very plain Impact size M vest.hagansThe vest shows light use, not uncommon for a vest used for as few as 20 races.

The collar has no logos of any kind, nor is there a cowl tag present.hagans-collar hagans-tag1 Though the vest would have been used during his ARCA racing, there are no logos of any kind on the chest areas.hagans-rchest hagans-lchestThe only logo of any kind on this vest is a large HAGANS RACING logo, which, for some reason, is blue on a slightly lighter shade of blue.hagans-flogoThe warranty label is located next to the zipper inside the vest, behind the front logo.hagans-tag2The all-familiar comfort straps are present on the sides of the hem.hagans-rhem hagans-lhemThe shoulders have epaulets, that aside from Impact logos are unadorned. The standard vest sleeve holes are present as well.hagans-rshoulder hagans-rsleeve hagans-lshoulder hagans-lsleeveThe back of the vest doesn’t show wear, and has no logos of any kind on it at all.hagansb hagans-neck hagans-blogoOver 13 different articles thus far, The Vest Project has covered a number of different vests, and the issues surrounding them, and pit crew firesuits as well. We’ve covered vests from the Camping World Truck Series, and The Xfinity Series, but next week, for the final article in The Vest Project, we go to The Sprint Cup!

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