The Driver Suit Blog-Paint Scheme Grades-August 27, 2016

By David G. Firestone

Kasey Kahne #5 Liftmaster Throwback Chevy SS-The shade of red used is all kinds of wrong, and it takes the whole look down. The sad part is that if the right shade of red was used, this scheme will earn an A, but the bad shade takes it down to a B+.

Greg Biffle #16 Hooters Ford Fusion-The second car representing Alan Kulwicki is a great tribute, with the correct sponsor. There is nothing bad I can say about this car, and I give it an A

Chase Elliott #24 Mountain Dew Chevy SS-There are a lot of things that irritate me about this car. The green and grey numbers look bad, and mix too well with the background color. I don’t like the subtle Mountain Dew logos on the sides. To top that off, the gray used on the numbers looks out of place. It could be a better scheme, and the color scheme is decent, but it’s basically a C+ look.

Ryan Newman #31 Cat/Freighliner Chevy SS-Looks good, good design, and a great color scheme. I give it an A.

Chris Buescher #34 Love’s Truck Stops Throwback Ford Fusion-It’s a design that works well, and the color scheme is good too. I also like the throwback numbers. Its an A scheme for sure!

Kyle Larson #42 Target Throwback Chevy SS-So this scheme is based on the first IndyCar scheme Target ever ran. I’m trying to figure out why the the hood design is a separate design and older logo than the original one. I’m not saying it a horrible scheme, but if you want to commit to an IndyCar scheme, you can’t bail, and start using logos that weren’t used on the original. I’ll give it a B-, though it’s worth noting that with accurate logos it would get an A

Michael Annett #46 Pilot/Flying J/Battle of Bristol Chevy SS-I like the team motif logos on the sides of an already good logo. It works very well, and earns an A

Martin Truex Jr. #78 Bass Pro Shops/NRA Museum Toyota Camry-If the patriotic motif were much more subdued, the grade would be higher. There is too much going on here, and it just looks like a jumbled mess. C-

Martin Truex Jr. #78 Tanger Outlets Toyota Camry-Get rid of the green, it’s out of place. Also, the cutting edge design works well, if it isn’t overdone. This scheme is overdone. This scheme could be so much better than what it is. I’ll give it the C- it deserves since the design, and the color schemes aren’t terrible.

Matt DiBenedetto #83 Vector Security Toyota Camry-The color scheme is great, and the design looks, good, and its an A scheme.

Cole Whitt #98 Carolina Skiff Chevy SS– A good simple design with a good color scheme will always accept an A.

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