The Driver Suit Blog-Paint Scheme Grades-September 3, 2016

By David G. Firestone

Brad Keselowski #2 Miller Lite/Careers for Veterans Ford Fusion-Same scheme as last year, same A grade.

Clint Bowyer #15 Five Hour Energy Benny Parsons Throwback Chevy SS-Picking a good Benny Parsons scheme is like picking a race to watch on the weekend. They are all good, but in different ways. This scheme, based on the #72 Chevy is great, and the tribute isn’t overdone, and looks great. I give it the A it deserves.

Jeffery Earnhardt #32 Keen Parts/Corvette Parts Ford Fusion-I usually hate Keen/Corvette Parts schemes, but this scheme looks great and it works well. Can’t complain about this one. A

Landon Cassill #38 MDS Ford Fusion-Same scheme as last year, same A- grade.

Brian Scott #44 Twisted Tea Fan Photo Ford Fusion-It’s amazing how one moron can wreck a great concept, and Twisted Tea is that moron. We’ve had many great throwback schemes for the Southern 500, but Twisted Tea can’t understand the concept of “throwback” so they are running their standard scheme, but with a fan photo on the quarter panels. Even teams that don’t have old logos came up with throwback concepts. As such, I’m going to give this one an F for failing to understand the concept.

Michael Annett #46 Pilot Throwback Chevy SS-I rarely talk about this aspect of the paint scheme, but the one part of this scheme I don’t like is the door numbers. I don’t like how thin they are. It’s a great scheme otherwise, I just hate the door numbers. Still the scheme is worth an A- for a good throwback scheme. The color and design schemes are great, aside from the door number.

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