The Driver Suit Blog-My Thoughts On Going To The Pharmacy

By David G. Firestone

Could someone explain to me why going to a pharmacy in this day in age can be so aggravating? Why in the world is the simple act of picking up a prescription not possible without having to deal with so much nonsense? Seriously, I hate going to pick up a prescription, because it rarely goes smoothly.

I’m the kind of person who strives to spend as little time in line as possible. I have my money ready, I know how much the prescription costs, and I don’t have any questions. I’m the same way at the post office and the DMV, except there I bring my own pens. I don’t mind when there are issues that are out of the worker’s hands, such as computer problems. That happens a lot, and getting mad solves nothing.

I had to visit a different pharmacy than I normally do for reasons not worth getting into. All I wanted to do was pick up a prescription that I knew for a fact was filled and ready for pickup, and I was happy when I saw that there was only one person in line ahead of me. I get really mad at the people in line ahead of me who don’t seem to understand that there are other people in the world besides themselves. I hate these people!

My happiness became a memory when this woman, who looked to be in her mid 90’s, shuffled up to the counter. She could barely speak broken English, and was asking questions that neither I or the pharmacist could understand, or answer. She then starts yelling in a foreign language that nobody could understand. I was getting really upset, and then her daughter, who was in her 70’s came over, and began acting as a translator.

I gave up after 10 questions, and was ready to walk out, when a second pharmacist came over and opened up a register and I walked over and started to get my prescription, when another woman walks over, and tries to do the “I just have a question” routine to try and cut in line. This new pharmacist told her that I had been waiting in line for 10 minutes (in reality, it was about 20 minutes) and she had to wait her turn. She got an attitude, but she went to the line.

So after a total of 20 minutes, I had the one bottle of pills I came in to buy, and I made a beeline for the exit. I left there, and got on the bus and came home. I’m seriously considering a delivery service, so I don’t have to deal with that nonsense.

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