The Driver Suit Blog-Why I Didn’t Watch The Debates

By David G. Firestone

Last night, a Presidential Debate was held on CNN. Normally, my work schedule prevents me from watching the debates, but last night, I was free. I could have watched the debate, but I chose not to. I have my candidate chosen, and I’m not changing my mind, nor am I going to say who this candidate is, or promote them.

There was a more practical reason for not watching the debate, which is…I’M SICK OF THS ELECTION! I’m sick of hate mongering, fear mongering, race baiting, email servers, foundation issues, xenophobia, gun control discussions, “I approve this message,” political polls, and the rest of the election horseshit! I’m tired of hearing it, and I’ll be happy when this election is over!

What amazes me is that The Constitution of the United States of America unconditionally applies to all of us, yet politicians somehow think that rights should not apply to things they disagree with. Both sides seem to think that freedom of speech only applies to them. The left thinks that the second amendment shouldn’t apply to citizens, and the right thinks that freedom of religion doesn’t apply to non Judeo-Christians.

I’m fully convinced that politicians need term limits at the local, state, and national levels in this day in age. 8 years should be the limit. No more lifetime politicians, 12 years, then get a real job. I’m sick of these power-hungry Senators and Representatives who put their own objectives before the needs of the country. The limit should be 12 years in Congress, and when that’s over, someone else takes over. If you spend your 12 years in the Senate, you don’t then get to run for the House of Representatives.

Since I’m living in Illinois, I’m going to add this new rule to the mix. If you get arrested while in office, you should automatically lose that office and be banned from running for life. No excuses or reasons can get you out of this. I’m sick of politicians getting arrested and keeping their offices despite public outcry. Politicians need to put citizens first, as opposed to themselves. I’m sick of politicians, and I’m sick of the election.

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