The Driver Suit Blog-Paint Scheme Leaderboard-Toyota

By David G. Firestone

Toyota takes center stage this week, as The Executive Paint Scheme Ranking Committee releases our results. Alejandro was a lot of help, sitting behind me, and licking my hair. The results are below:

1-#98 Premium Motorsports Chevy/Toyota-Position Last Year-NA-The #98 of Premium Motorsports has- done the impossible…They’ve had a perfect season! Not one of their paint scheme grades was below an A! The have dethroned The Wood Brothers for the top spot, in both their manufacturer, and across the board. A

2-#55 Premium Motorsports Chevy/Toyota-Position Last Year-Position Last Year-5th of 13-Becker Auto Trailers was the only paint scheme that kept the #55 out of the top spot. The #55 had a very solid year, and with the exception of the B+ Becker Auto Trailers scheme, and when your worst scheme is a B+, that’s worth an A

3-#20 Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota-Position Last Year-3rd of 13-Four solid A schemes, Dollar General, DeWalt, DeWalt USA, Tide, and Dollar General Silver Numbers, that’s what Matt Kenseth had this season. Sadly, Flexvolt derailed the A train, taking the A down to an A-.

4-#18 Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota-Position Last Year-11th of 13-The Interstate Batteries scheme still sucks, but the Throwback did make up for it. The Skittles/Marvel scheme needed work, and the Halloween and Snickers Crispier schemes could have been better. It averages out to a B+.

5-#19 Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota-Position Last Year-7th of 13-If not for Comcast Busniess, Carl Edwards would be higher ranked. All of the schemes except for Comcast were solid. The average of the grades is a B.

6-#11 Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota-Position Last Year-2nd of 13-The four primary FedEx schemes were great, sad that three of them have gotten the axe. The SportClips scheme still looks awful, and the FedEx Cares scheme was awful. Also, great call in letting Denny design a D- scheme. All grades taken into account, Denny averages a B-.

7-#23 BK Racing Toyota-Position Last Year-9th of 13-If the car had a beverage sponsor, it almost always got a higher grade. The Life With Cancer scheme got a decent grade, but Leonardo, Brandeis Machinery, Sweet Frog, and Bubba Burger were all disasters, and the final grade has been dragged down to a C+.

8-#78 Furniture Row Racing Toyota-Position Last Year-NA-As much as I like their stores, I’m beginning to hate Bass Pro Shops because of their car designs. Furniture Row had a great scheme this year, as did Auto Owner’s Insurance. The throwback scheme needed work, and Tanger Outlets looked bad. Everything Bass Pro Shops did with the #77 was bad. The grades average out to a C+.

9-#83 BK Racing Toyota-Position Last Year-8th of 13-Another team that takes up one whole page of the 25 page Paint Scheme Tracker, BK Racing was all over the place. Grades were either high, or low, not many in between. In averaging them out, BK Racing earns a C+ for the season.

10-#93 BK Racing Toyota-Position Last Year-NA-A couple of B’s could not help the #93 from being at the bottom of the barrel, with a D+ for the season.

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