The Driver Suit Blog-Paint Scheme Grades-August 12, 2017

By David G. Firestone.

Kasey Kahne #5 Rated Red Road To Race Day Chevy SS-Red and black is a good combination, and this shade of red really works. I also like the fade motif, and the design as a whole is great. I can’t give this less than an A.

Clint Bowyer #14 Five Star Urgent Care Ford Fusion-By itself, the stripe motif is decent, though a bit over designed. The odd designs on the bottom stripe are out of place and don’t work well with the scheme. It looks odd. Still, the scheme is not horrible and I’ll give it a B.

Gary Klutt #15 Fusilo Construction/Color Compass Corporation Chevy SS-A solid, smooth look with a good color scheme will always earn an A.

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. #17 NESN Fuel Ford Fusion-Same scheme as last year, same B- grade.

Boris Said #33 Genesee Light Beer Ford Fusion-Same scheme as last year, same A grade.

Landon Cassill #34 Jacob Companies Ford Fusion-Same scheme as #38, same C- grade.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. #88 Axalta Throwback Chevy SS-It’s a faithful replica of Dale’s first scheme, and the car as a whole looks good. It’s a great throwback, and for Dale to run this in his final race, it comes full circle! A

Michael McDowell #95 WRL Contractors Alan Kulwicki Throwback Chevy SS-A bit of an odd choice for a throwback, but it’s faithfully done, and the car looks great. It works, and I give it an A.

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