The Driver Suit Blog-Minor League Month Starts With a Pair of Justin South Gloves

By David G. Firestone

Last year, I did Formula One Month through November. I was thinking about how I wanted to do November in 2017, and I decided that November should be Minor League Month. Basically, for the next four Friday Features, I am going to focus on the little guys, who race at the local racetrack, or race in regional series. For our first installment, we are going to examine a pair of gloves worn by short track driver Justin South.

Growing up in Gardendale, Alabama, Justin South has raced all over the Southern United States. He has raced as high as ARCA, but has mostly raced on short tracks around the Southeast.

Justin South races everything from Super Late Models to Pro Late Models, and has raced on everything from dirt to asphalt. Like many small-time drivers, he has to buy his own equipment, and he is left with extras, such as these two right Impact! racing gloves, one of which he has autographed.Both gloves are in decent condition, and show some wear on the palms. Justin has autographed one of the gloves.Both of the palms of the gloves show light use.The first glove shows light wear on the palms, and Justin has autographed the glove with the number 45. This would indicate that the glove was not signed during his time in ARCA, as he never raced a car with that number in ARCA, and more than likely came from his regional racing. They also have Impact! and SFI tags. The second of the two gloves is identical, including wear patterns to the first glove, except that this glove has not been autographed. Justin South is the kind of racer that is seen thousands of times over in the towns and hamlets of the United States. He is the every day man, who races in his spare time, hoping to achieve a dream. He has raced in ARCA, and he would love to race in ARCA again, and I’m willing to bet that if he got the chance to race in NASCAR, he would grab it. There are thousands of Justin Souths in the United States and all over the world. They race for their dreams, and they hope to grab the elusive brass ring of racing professionally.

Next week, I will examine a Laguna Seca suit.

Author: dgf2099

I'm just a normal guy who collects race-worn driver suits, helmets, sheet metal, and other race-worn items. I will use this blog to help collectors, and race fans alike understand the various aspects of driver suits and helmets, and commentate on paint schemes.

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