The Driver Suit Blog-Throwback Thursday-1965 #1 Ford GT40 Mk. II

Ken Miles and Bruce McLaren 1965 #1 Ford GT40 Mk. II

The car itself has a rocket-like appearance, and the off-white is a good look. I also like the black stripes, and the black hood. The outlines of the doors give it a spaceship like look, and while I’m not sure it was intentional, it does add to the overall appearance. The car numbers work well with this look. It is an A look for sure.

Author: dgf2099

I'm just a normal guy who collects race-worn driver suits, helmets, sheet metal, and other race-worn items. I will use this blog to help collectors, and race fans alike understand the various aspects of driver suits and helmets, and commentate on paint schemes.

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