The Driver Suit Blog-My Thoughts On Vacation

By David G. Firestone

Starting next week, I am taking my yearly summer sabbatical. Every year, I take the entire month of July off, because I want a chance to enjoy Chicago in the summer. There will be videos, Throwback Thursdays, and Friday Features, but I won’t update the Tracker, the Grades, or My Thoughts On. I have been waiting for this for the entire year, an entire month, where I’m not spending my days at my real job, and then working on the website.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy The Driver Suit Blog, but I need a real break. I do take a sabbatical in December, but that’s for several reasons. The first reason is that since there aren’t that many paint schemes being revealed, it isn’t worth the time to update the Tracker or the Grades. Second, this lack of paint schemes frees me up to work on other aspects of the site, including Throwback Thursday, and research. So while I’m not updating the site, I am working hard on it.

I have a number of projects lined up for my time off. I’m also going to try a few new ideas out, which might be used on the site in the near future. I promise that I will come back in August, until then, have a great summer!

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