The Driver Suit Blog-Paint Scheme Grades-August 4, 2018

By David G. Firestone

Joey Gase #00 Sparkz Energy Chevy Camaro-My only complaint here is that I don’t like the black on the front of the car. A-

Landon Cassill #00 Lock Haven University Chevy Camaro-The side designs could be toned down, and I don’t like the shade of red used.  It’s still a decent scheme, and I give it a B+.

Jamie McMurray #1 Cessna/Arctic Cat Chevy Camaro-Same scheme as Arctic Cat, same A grade.

Austin Dillon #3 Dow/Intellifresh Chevy Camaro-Same scheme as Dow, same A grade.

Austin Dillon #3 American Ethanol Patriotic Chevy Camaro-It’s a well designed scheme with a great look.  Nothing wrong here. A

Kevin Harvick #4 Jimmy Johns Kickin Ranch Ford Fusion-Same basic scheme as Jimmy John’s, same A grade.

Matt Kenseth #6 Constantine Sealing Service Ford Fusion-Wave designs can be tricky, especially an over designed mess like this.  I do like the color scheme, and the rest of the car isn’t bad.  All things considered, I give this scheme a  B-

Jeffrey Earnhardt #7 Nine Line Foundation/Xtreme Concepts Chevy Camaro-This is another example of a car that has multiple design schemes that don’t work with each other.  The front scheme and the rear scheme would work by themselves, but together, it’s just a mess. The only good thing I can say is that the color scheme works, so that earns this scheme a D+

Chase Elliott #9 NAPA Throwback Chevy Camaro-This is a great looking throwback, with a great design, and color scheme.  Nothing wrong here! A

Denny Hamlin #11 FedEx Cares Toyota Camry-Camouflage has NEVER worked on a race car, and it never will.  Add in the white base, and blue stripes, and you have a mess of a scheme. D+

Clint Bowyer #14 Haas 30 Years of the VF1 Ford Fusion-This is what happens when you take a great scheme and find a way to make it better.  The removal of part of the bottom stripe gives the car a cleaner look.  A

Clint Bowyer #14 Carolina Dodge Dealers Ford Fusion-Another great throwback, with a great look.  Ned Jarrett had some great schemes back in the day, and this is a faithful representation of one of these. A

Ross Chastain #15 Chevy Camaro-The new stripe doesn’t add much or take away much.  It’s still a great scheme, and it gets the A it deserves.

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. #17 Fastenal Patriotic Ford Fusion-The star motif looks good, and the color scheme works well too. Not bad at all. A

Kyle Busch #18 Skittles Patriotic Toyota Camry-Same scheme as last year, same A grade.

Kyle Busch #18 Snickers Intense Toyota Camry-It’s an ugly mess with a bad color scheme that is so needlessly over designed that it makes me get car sick just sitting at my laptop.  I’ll give this the F it deserves.

Erik Jones #20 DeWalt Patriotic Toyota Camry-Remember what I said about camouflage never working on a race car?  I officially take that back.  This is a camo scheme that works well, because it isn’t overpowering the rest of the car. It works well, and it gets an A.

Erik Jones #20 Toyota Toyota Camry-Yes the designs are trimmed down.  Yes the colors are changed.  No it doesn’t help this scheme at all.  It’s still an F scheme.

Eric Jones #20 Freightliner Toyota Camry-A smooth look with a great color scheme will always earn an A.

Paul Menard #21 Motorcraft Throwback Ford Fusion-You could pretty much put all of the pre 1997 Wood Brothers schemes in a hat, and be guaranteed to pick a good one, and this Cale Yarborough example is one.  It’s an amazing look, and it gets an A.

Gray Gaulding #23 Steakhouse Elite Toyota Camry-It’s really a meh scheme.  I will say that gold on black is an underrated combination, so seeing it here is nice.  I’ll give this scheme a B-.

Gray Gaulding #23 XXX Moonshine/KBM Properties Toyota Camry-Let’s see, front and rear designs that contrast, check. Bad shade of gray, check.  Door and roof numbers that contrast with the rest of the car, check.  Bad color scheme in general, check.  Scheme is getting an F, check.

Matt DiBenedetto #32 Shawn Moody for Governor Ford Fusion-Same scheme as CanAm, same F grade.

Matt DiBenedetto #32 Dude Wipes Ford Fusion-The car as a whole is great, as is the color scheme,and the bottom design works well with the black on top. A

Michael McDowell #34 Starkey Cares Ford Fusion-The Front Row template is good, and I like the modified version as well.  Add in a great color scheme, and you have a ready-made A scheme.

Chris Buescher #37 Kleenex Chevy Camaro-The subtle designs are not overpowering, the car has a great look, and a great color scheme. A

Chris Buescher #37 Gain Chevy Camaro-The scheme was great last year, and with the improvements, it’s a great scheme this year. A

Chris Buescher #37 Kroger Clicklist Chevy Camaro-Same basic scheme as Kroger, same A grade.

David Ragan #38 Connor Co Ford Fusion-Great color scheme, but the design scheme is terrible.  It’s over designed, ugly, and a horrible mess.  All things considered, I give this scheme a C-.

David Ragan #38 Performance Plus Ford Fusion-Same scheme as #6, same B- grade.

Kyle Larson #42 Credit One Patriotic Chevy Camaro-The side design would work very well if the firework motif was removed.  It’s an amazing scheme, and it has a decent look, but the firework motif takes it from an A to a B+.

Darrell Wallace Jr. #43 Jewel Osco Chevy Camaro-It’s a smooth, simple look, and it has a great color scheme.  That will always earn an A.

Darrell Wallace Jr. #43 STP Throwback Chevy Camaro-Richard Petty’s STP scheme with no red is a great look, and this scheme is faithful to the original.  It’s a great throwback, and it earns an A.

Jimmie Johnson #48 Lowe’s/Jimmie Johnson Foundation Chevy Camaro-The design is over designed, and needlessly complex.  The only good thing I can say about this scheme is that I like the color scheme. D+

BJ McLeod #51 Prefund Capital Patriotic Chevy Camaro-American flag motifs work well, and this is no exception.  It’s a great look. A

Ray Black Jr. #51 Jacob Companies Chevy Camaro-The yellowish numbers don’t work well here.  The scheme as a whole is good, but the numbers are visually distracting.  B+

Timmy Hill #66 My Lilly Strong Toyota Camaro-Same scheme as Crash Claims, same A- grade.

Timmy Hill #66 Lehigh Valley Phantoms Toyota Camry-Orange can be a difficult color to work with, but this shade of orange works well, and the black designs work well.  It’s a great scheme. A

Cole Whitt #72 Dragonchain Chevy Camaro-I hate the lines on this scheme.  They are unnessicary, and pointless.  The scheme would be an A scheme without them, but with them, this scheme is a B- scheme.

Cole Whitt #72 Monarch Crypto Wallet Chevy Camaro-Its a badly designed scheme with a really bad color scheme.  I can’t say anything good about it, so I’ll give it an F.

Alex Bowman #88 Valvoline Chevy Camaro-Great look, with a great color scheme, and the design scheme works well. A

Alex Bowman #88 Axalta/Philadephpia Eagles Chevy Camaro-The Eagles shade of green doesn’t translate well to a race car,  The design works well, but with the Eagles green, it goes from an A- to a B+.

Kasey Kahne #95 Dark Matter Chevy Camaro-It’s a great scheme.  I love the black hole motif on the sides of the car.  Add in a great color scheme, and you get an A.

Kasey Kahne #95 Throne Chevy Camaro-The paint splatter motif is not over done, and the rest of the car has a smooth look, that earns an A.

Landon Cassill #99 StarCom Fiber Patriotic Chevy Camaro-While I like the patriotic motif here, getting rid of the gray on the rear would have been much better.  Still it’s not bad, so I’ll give it a B-.

Landon Cassill #99 St Charles Glass and Glazing Chevy Camaro-Great color scheme, great design scheme, nothing wrong here. A

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