The Driver Suit Blog-Jasper Motorsports…An Old Team With An Interesting History

By David G. Firestone

Jasper Motorsports has an interesting back story. D. K. Ulrich founded the team in 1971, fielding the car in various forms until 1994, when Ulrich partnered with Doug Bawel, an executive from Jasper Engines & Transmissions. The team has raced with many well-known drivers including Ernie Irvan, Ted Musgrave, Ricky Rudd, Sterling Marlin, Tim Richmond, Mark Martin, Morgan Shepherd, Bobby Hillin Jr, Robert Pressley, and Richard Petty. The team operated until 2006, when Bill Davis bought the team, and eventually sold the team to Michael Waltrip. Though the team raced for many years, they never won a race.

In 1998, the team ran a full season with Robert Pressley as the driver for 30 races, Ted Musgrave raced the NAPA Autocare 500 at Martinsville, and Hut Stricklin raced the MBNA Gold 400 at Dover. The team also failed to qualify for the Pepsi 400, which was moved from July to October because of Florida Wildfires. Pressley had a 3rd place finish at Texas, but otherwise has no success. One of the crew members wore this suit, which Pressley has signed. The single-layer Simpson suit shows decent use, a lot of sun fading, and some stains.The collar is a standard collar, with a JASPER ENGINES logo on the right side, and a FEDERAL MOGUL logo embroidered on the left side.The standard Simpson warranty label in the cowl, with the word RED written in Sharpie present.The right chest has some sun fading, and DYNAGEAR, NASCAR WINSTON CUP SERIES, and GOODYEAR logos embroidered, and an American flag patch, and a SIMPSON patch present. Pressley has signed the area under the GOODYEAR logo The left chest features FORD and JASPER MOTORSPORTS logos embroidered.The front torso features a JASPER ENGINGES AND TRANSMISSIONS logo embroidered into the multi-colored fabric. There is some sun damage present.There is a belt, it is unadorned, there is also sun damage.The legs have red and yellow stripes at the knees. There is some damage on the knees, and pads inside the suit.

The right shoulder epaulet has a FEDERAL MOGUL logo embroidered.The right sleeve has some sun damage, and SAFETY KLEEN, JASPER ENGINES AND TRANSMISSIONS, and SIKKENS logos on the top, and nothing in television position. The left shoulder epaulet has a JASPER ENGINGES AND TRANSMISSIONS logo embroidered. The left sleeve has SIMPSON, NASCAR 50th ANNIVERSARY, JASPER ENGINGES AND TRANSMISSIONS and MICROPHONICS logos embroidered. The back of the suit doesn’t show as much wear as the front.The back of the neck is unadorned, but there is a JASPER MOTORSPORTS logo beneath it.The back torso features a large JASPER ENGINGES AND TRANSMISSIONS logo embroidered.Next week, a pit crew helmet that could work in a different sport.

Author: dgf2099

I'm just a normal guy who collects race-worn driver suits, helmets, sheet metal, and other race-worn items. I will use this blog to help collectors, and race fans alike understand the various aspects of driver suits and helmets, and commentate on paint schemes.

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