The Driver Suit Blog-The Vest Project Part 26-Auto Owners Insurance Revisited

By David G. Firestone

Harry Scott Jr. purchased the Phoenix Racing Sprint Cup Series in late 2013. He renamed the team HScott Motorsports. HScott Motorsports was a little team with big dreams. They did have some success in the form of top 10’s, but aside from that, they never won a race, even though they had some great drivers racing for them. HScott Motorsports raced from 2013 to 2016, with Justin Allgaier, Kyle Larson, Michael McDowell, Ryan Truex, Bobby Labonte, Michael Annett, and Clint Bowyer as drivers. The team didn’t have that much success on track.

Founded in 1916 by Vern V. Moulton, Auto-Owners Insurance offers auto, home, business and life insurance through independent agents. It was founded in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, moved to Lansing in 1917, and finally to Delta Township, Michigan in 1976. They have been a sponsor of auto racing, including Justin Allgaier’s time at HScott from 2014-2015, though they didn’t have much success. During that time, a crew member wore this vest. The vest shows light use.The blue collars have black borders, with AUTO-OWNERS INSURACE embroidered in white.The cowl has a SIMPSON MTO 24 tag and an XL tag present. There is also a tag indicating the wearer of this vest is T ANDREWS, though I could not find any information on who this crew member was.The right chest features a NASCAR SPRINT CUP SERIES logo, a CHEVY bow tie and a GOODYEAR logo embroidered.The left chest features a HSCOTT MOTORSPORTS logo and a BRANDT logo embroidered into it.The front torso features AUTO-OWNERS INSURANCE FIND YOUR AGENT AUTO-OWNERS.COM embroidered into it.Under the zipper is the SIMPSON warranty tag and identification label. The hems don’t have comfort straps, but the right side does have the SFI rating. The shoulder epaulets don’t have adornment on the top, but have SIMPSON logos on the sides. There are also standard arm holes present. The back of the vest doesn’t show any real wear.The back of the neck has 51 embroidered into it.The back of the vest has AUTO-OWNERS INSURANCE FIND YOUR AGENT AUTO-OWNERS.COM embroidered.Next Friday Feature, I will discuss some of the random items in my collection

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