The Driver Suit Blog-The Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race

By David G. Firestone

The 2015 Toyota Pro/Celebrity race is behind us. It was a good one for sure. It had a decent amount of talent, including:

Antron Brown (NHRA veteran, Top Fuel driver)

Brett Davern (2014 champion)

Donna Feldman (model/TV host/actress)

Willie Gault (former NFL WR, Olympic athlete)

Nathan Kress (actor)

James Maslow (musician)

Steve Mason (ESPN Radio host)

Mark McGrath (lead singer, Sugar Ray)

Raul Mendez (actor)

Joshua Morrow (actor)

Dave Pasant (Producer)

Robert Patrick (actor)

Mekhi Phifer (actor)

John Rzeznik (guitarist/Goo Goo Dolls frontman)

Alfonso Ribeiro (two-time race winner)

Dara Torres (Olympic swimming legend, 2002 race winner)

Rutledge Wood (NBC Sports Group NASCAR/motors contributor and 2013 race winner)

In a 10 lap race that saw some crashes and some great racing, Alfonso Ribeiro was the overall and pro winner, with Dave Pasant wining the celebrity category.

When you race in the Toyota Pro/Celebrity race, you get to keep your driving gear. I discussed this in my Steve Lundquist article. He won two gold medals in the 1984 Olympics in swimming, then came back and raced in the 1985 event. The competitors are given special training and safety instructions. Even though there have been a decent number of crashes, no serious injuries have occurred.lundquist1

This single layer suit shows heavy use, with stains and scuff marks on the arms. It has a nice vintage look to it.lundquist1

The cowl contains an older version of the Simpson warranty label.lundquist1-collar lundquist1-tag

the right chest features a VALVOLINE logo and STEVE LUNDQUIST embroidered into it.lundquist1-rchest The left chest features a vintage racing stripe design, with TOYOTA MOTORSPORTS, BRIDGESTONE, GRAND PRIX OF LONG BEACH and ND SPARK PLUGS patches on the stripes.lundquist1-lchest

As there are no primary sponsors of the cars, there are no logos on the torso as primary sponsors.lundquist1-flogolundquist1-belt

The rights shoulder does not have an epaulet, or any adornment.lundquist1-rshoulder

The right sleeve has an EARL’ S patch and a BLISTEN SHOCK ABSORBERS patch. There are no logos at the end of the sleeve, and heavy wear on the back of the sleeve.lundquist1-rsleeve1 lundquist1-rsleeve2

lundquist1-lsleeve3The left shoulder, like the right shoulder does not have an epaulet. The stripe pattern terminates at the hem of the shoulder.lundquist1-lshoulder

The left sleeve features a SIMPSON RACE PRODUCTS patch, and a JIM RUSSELL RACING SCHOOL patch. There isn’t much wear here.lundquist1-lsleeve1 lundquist1-lsleeve2

The back of the suit shows no real wear, and has no patches or design present.lundquist1b

This set of orange gloves came with the suit.  They show decent use. lundquistgloves-1 lundquistgloves-2 lundquistgloves-4 lundquistgloves-5 lundquistgloves-6 lundquistgloves-7 lundquistgloves-8

These come up for auction every now and again, and I personally like them as they are racing memorabilia and celebrity memorabilia at the same time.

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