My Thoughts On Pit Road Fires

By David G. Firestone
I try to keep things light and fun here on The Driver Suit Blog, but sometimes an on-track situation requires discussion. Last Friday, at Richmond, one of those situations occured. During the Toyotacare 250 at Richmond, there was a huge fire on pit road during a round of pit stops, where three crew members were injured. I will let the footage speak for itself.A total of three crew members were hurt, and NASCAR has stated that they will fully investigate what happened and will make sure this won’t happen again.
While the crew members were hurt, it could have been so much worse. If the rules about pit crew safety were as lax as they were in the 1990’s, this would not have a happy ending. Watching some of these older videos, and there are plenty of them on the internet, it’s amazing there aren’t more dead pit crew members. I’ve seen pit stops where the crew members were wearing little more than what I wear to my job.
The crew members in question were wearing two piece fire suits, triple layer, which took the brunt of the damage. The crew members did have to go to the infield car center and then the hospital, but they will live to tell their tale. These suits might not be the most comfortable things to wear, but they will save your life. Nomex was a Godsend to racing in 1967, and 38 years later it is still the go to material for driver and pit crew suits.
My thoughts and prayers are with the crew members. I had a post ready for Friday, but I’m gonna revisit a pit crew suit post I did last year because of the incident at Richmond.

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