The Driver Suit Blog-The Driver Suit as A Promotional Tool

By David G. Firestone

The driver suit has become much more than a safety feature. It has become a marketing tool. So much so that it leaves the track and moves to television, magazine ads, and corporate events. If you look at driver suit design circa 1990, the suits have big sponsor logos, and the smaller logos are thrown on any which way they can. Fast forward to today, and, when it comes to race suits, every logo is in a specific place, nothing is left to chance.

Fisher Price makes toys for babies and infants, and apparently they had a race car during the late 1980’s to early 1990’s. This promotional driver suit was made for that team. fisher priceIt’s made of the polyester and has the feel of a wind breaker. There are a number of auto part logos, but they are patches with sublimated logos instead of sewn logos. There was some thought to the design.fisher price fisher price-collar fisher price-rchest fisher price-lchest fisher price-flogo fisher price-belt fisher price-legs fisher price-rsleeve1 fisher price-rsleeve2 fisher price-lsleeve1 fisher price-lsleeve2 fisher priceb fisher price-bneck fisher price-blogo

There are a number of race suits that were created for promotional purposes. This example comes from AOL circa 2003. AOL hosted an event at Laguna where a number of clients got to drive race cars. aolEach driver was issued one of these denim suits. It has a small AOL logo on the front chest,aol-lchest and a larger logo on the back torso.aolb aol-blogo Other than that, there are no logos anywhere else on the aol-collar aol-rchest aol-lchest aol-belt aol-legs aol-rshoulder aol-rsleeve1 aol-rsleeve2 aol-lshoulder aol-lsleeve1 aol-lsleeve2 aolb aol-neck aol-blogo

When Bobby Labonte was sponsored by in 2009, a series of these replica driver suits based on Labonte’s driver suit were produced, possibly for a commercial. labontereplicaThis suit was made by Simpson Race Products, but isn’t made of Nomex, and it has a warranty label stating as such.  labontereplica-tagAside from the logos, and the Peel Me design, there are no logos, but it is obvious there was a lot of thought that went into the design.labontereplica labontereplica-collar labontereplica-flogo labontereplica-belt labontereplica-legs labontereplica-rshoulder labontereplica-rsleeve1 labontereplica-rsleeve2 labontereplica-lshoulder labontereplica-lsleeve1 labontereplica-lsleeve2 labontereplicab labontereplica-blogo


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