The Driver Suit Blog-My Thoughts On Various Issues.

By David G. Firestone

Got a few things to discuss. First, due to a power outrage I wasn’t able to get to the paint scheme grades for this week, I’ll get them up next Saturday. I also just found out that The Chicago Sports Museum will be returning my David Stremme driver suit. They got a Brad Keselowski suit instead, so I’m interested to check it out. I’m a little bummed, but it was fun while it lasted.

A few weeks ago, I discussed pit road safety. NASCAR had stated that they would make changes to pit road safety, and I wondered if words would be followed by deed. Well I’m happy to say that they have. RCR last week, debuted full face helmets and Nomex socks for their pit crews. NASCAR at Talladega removed HScott motorsports crew member Mark O’Donnell from the race after he was discovered handling a fuel can without a head sock or helmet. I’m glad that the recent tragic incident is helping to focus NASCAR on pit road safety.

I’m not a Formula 1 fan per se, but I do watch the racing when I can. The Spanish Grand Prix was good, and I like the tire strategy. I’m wondering if something like that could come to NASCAR in the foreseeable future. I’d like to see primary and option tires on road courses. It will require some testing, but I hope it will.

My final item for this week is the fact that NASCAR will be holding a throwback race at Darlington this year. To commemorate the return of the Southern 500 to Labor Day weekend, Darlington will have throwback tickets, throwback tires, and fauxback paint schemes! I’d been hoping that something like this would happen, and I’m so excited! Sure, Labor Day is the end of summer, but between the Southern 500 and the US Nationals, it’s gonna be a fun one!


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