The Driver Suit Blog-Paint Scheme Leaderboard-Ford

By David G. Firestone

For the next installment of The Paint Scheme Leaderboard, The Executive Paint Scheme Ranking Committee has ranked the schemes of the Ford teams this year. Alejandro decided that he would rather sleep on a chair, so I did most of the work. Here are the results:

1-#35 Front Row Motorsports Ford-Rank Last Year:1st of 15-The #35 had a great showing, with two very solid A schemes, and…well…nothing else. Two perfect A schemes means an A for the year.

2-#21 Wood Brothers Racing Ford-Rank Last Year:2nd of 15-A throwback for a basic scheme, two other schemes based on this design is a great way to have a high A average. The Virginia Tech scheme was a B+, just barely keeping them out of the top spot. A

3-#2 Team Penske Ford-Rank Last Year:4th of 15-Brad Keselowski had a great season, with all of his sponsors having great showings…except Auto Trader and the patriotic Miller Lite scheme. It averages out to an A-

4-#44 Richard Petty Motorsports Ford-Rank Last Year:14th of 15-Thanks to Shore Lodge, and The Red Cross, this is another scheme that could have taken the top spot, but is relegated to an A- for the season. All of Alberston’s schemes were A schemes. The Twisted Tea schemes were good too, though I stand by the F given to the modern scheme run during the Throwback race at Darlington.

5-#38 Front Row Motorsports Ford-Rank Last Year:6th of 15-If not for Snapchat/Rock the Vote, and Florida Lottery, this set would have taken the top spot. With the two blemishes, the #38 earns an A- for the season.

6-#16 Roush Fenway Racing Ford-Rank Last Year:10th of 15-Greg Biffle had a lot of great schemes this year, and he has a decent grade. The one scheme that hurt Biffle was the pink-washing scheme. It helped take Greg down to a B+ for the season.

7-#34 Front Row Motorsports Ford-Rank Last Year:8th of 15-Chris Buescher had a slew of great schemes. Love’s Truck Stops, and CSX had great showings, but the Support the Troops and Hire our Veterans were F schemes, and took him from the top spot down to a B.

8-#17 Roush Fenway Racing Ford-Rank Last Year:11th of 15-Sunny D was a downgrade, which sucks, because while Eco-Boost needed some work, all of Ricky Stenhouse Jr.’s schemes were A schemes. He finished the season with a solid B

9-#6 Roush Fenway Racing Ford-Rank Last Year:12th of 15-The basic Advocare scheme was good, and the Mark Martin throwback was great, but from the Patriotic scheme on, the schemes went downhill. The fan mosaic, Advocare Spark, and SEAL Legacy schemes were all in the B range, and averaging them out, the schemes grade ends up as a B-.

10-#32 Go Fas Racing Team Ford-Rank Last Year:13th of 15-Of the 25 pages of schemes that make up the Paint Scheme Tracker, Go FAS Racing takes up an entire page. The schemes are all over the place, from solid A schemes, to horrid F schemes. The schemes average out to a C+.

11-#99 Roush Fenway Racing Ford-Rank Last Year:NA-Since the team only ran one race, I’ll just quote my piece during the paint scheme grades…The color scheme is good, but the design is a bit too much. It’s not bad, just over done. I’ll give it a C+.

12-#43 Richard Petty Motorsports Ford-Rank Last Year:14th of 15-Once upon a time, the #43 had a lot of great schemes, and almost never looked bad. Then Fresh From Florida and the Waffle House came on board, and the schemes went from a solid A for the season to a C+.

13-#22 Team Penske Ford-Rank Last Year:15th of 15-Penske used the same template that earned them the bottom rank in Ford last year, and the results speak for themselves. The only good schemes were the ones that threw the template away, and did their own thing, namely the Throwback, and Pennzoil. The schemes grades average out to a D+, though they should be lower.

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